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Excluding Lines From Qedit Visual Mode Display

In August 2003 (Qedit version 5.4.10) we added the XX indicators to Visual Mode. They mark lines that you do not want displayed in full screen mode. This new feature makes it possible to display the data declarations and the code that work on them at the same time.


The iSeries

John Burke helped organize IBM's event at HP World 2003 to introduce the iSeries family of computers to HP e3000 users, consultants and ISVs.


MB Foster Buys An ISP

Interesting news. Birket Foster and MB Foster have bought into an ISP in Ontario.


HP 3000 Memories...

Terry Kennedy writes: I once saw a HP 3000 which was multple cabinets, each of which had many wood-grain doors which were the 19" width of the rack by perhaps 10" high, each of which had an Ace lock (round key, like on vending machines). I be- lieve that at least some of the compartments behind these doors held wire- wrap boards, not etched PCBs. ... Click link above for the rest.


Converting from MPE to Linux

An interesting "how to" web site by Peter Osbourne.


Consultant in the UK

Parker Support Services Ltd is a UK-based company providing off/on-site support for Ecometry (EMACS) clients. Can provide technical training, upgrades and general application/technical support. Headed by a former SGA/Ecometry employee, who also knows Suprtool and can give Suprtool training.


HP 3000 Wake in The Register

An IT industry web site has picked up the story of the e3000's wake. Reasonably good article, quotes Bruce Toback and links to our history of the Classic 3000 at the end.


Book Review

Chuck Ciesinski of Hughes Network Systems writes:

I have read the book, HP3000 Evolution, which I got at HPWorld 2003 in Atlanta, and I rank it as a must have for every HP 3000 system manager today and beyond October 31st, 2003.


Jazz Script Resources

This web page on HP's Jazz server contains numerous command files that make operation of an HP 3000 easier. For example, WHERE to tell you all uses of a name as a command file or UDC name; REM to execute commands remotely and easily check their status on the local system; MPE2PX to convert an MPE syntax filename to an absolute POSIX pathname.; and much more.


Default Color Schemes in Qedit for Windows

Qedit for Windows allows you to attach different color schemes to different file types, which helps remind you what you are editing (MPE file, UNIX file, etc.). François Desrochers describes the four levels of defaults for color schemes and how to get exactly what you need.


From The 3000 Newswire: "net.digest"

The October issue has been posted on the web. John Burke's feature item is a report by Paul Edwards on replacing the disk drives in a 9x8 system as a homesteader (artidle is worth printing and saving):

"Paul Edwards, former HP SE, long time independent MPE and IMAGE trainer and MPE and IMAGE consultant recently faced the problem of replacing the disk drives in his 9x8 system. He decided to pretend to be a homesteader or self-maintainer, go out on the Internet and acquire the new drives, and install them in his system. His experience and the checklist he developed along with some commentary follows..."


Crawford Software Consulting

Crawford Software Consulting is a firm that knows and recommends our products Qedit and Suprtool. They have over 20 years experience with various manufacturing packages and tools. HP-3000 skills include: Data Extraction and System Migration. Suprtool, SQL, Image, Image SQL, MPE/iX, Quiz, Qedit, Fortran, Basic, Cobol. Manufacturing Systems including GrowthPower and ASK.


From The 3000 Newswire: "Hidden Value"

In the October issue, John Burke deals with chat on the 3000, btrees in IMAGE, mirrored drives, locking out device numbers, SCSI terminators, purging priv files and much more.


Robelle Newsletter for October

Keep up with what is happening at Robelle and in the MPE/HP-UX universe:
* Wake for the HP 3000 On Oct 31, 2003
* How can I make a Qedit command apply to a number of lines, without having to specify each line number?
* New data formatting in Suprtool (the $edit function)

Click the link above to browse the newsletter, or download the PDF version.


Archived News and Tips...

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