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August 2 - Canadian Holiday

Our sales & admin office will be closed Monday Aug 2nd for a Canadian holiday.


Speedware Gets Migration Contracts

Press release states: Speedware Ltd. announced that it has signed 15 new HP e3000 migration contracts worth over $4 million in the past three months. These software and services revenues which will be recognized over the next several quarters, primarily related to the sale of licenses of Speedware’s migration toolset, known as AMXW.


The .Z problem on HP-UX

Some ftp clients do not preserve the case in the filename and end up upshifting or downshifting the filename depending on the settings of your ftp client. Some customers have ftp'ed the sxprod.Z file to their HP-UX server, only to end up with the filename as sxprod.z.

This impacts our installation, as compress does not find the file to decompress; or worse, if a file of the same name exists that does have the capital Z at the end, then that (typically older) file is used and you end up installing an older version.

To insure that the following steps work properly please double check that the file you just ftp'ed is placed on the server with the proper name and has a .Z (dot Capital Z) and not the small ".z".


Qedit for HP-UX Visual Mode Issue

We have discovered a problem with Qedit Visual Mode when editing Cobol files. The problem only occurs on HP-UX 11.x or when you force Block mode emulation with Set vis Blockemulation On. After you have marked a block of text to move or copy, (with a cc or mm) and then attempt to paste in on another page, you will receive an error:

 NO UPD:  bad format in left 4 columns (see qscreen)
We have patches and updates for Qedit/UX version 5.4 and version 5.5.


3000 Resource: Pivital Solutions

Here is a firm in Newton NH that offers a wide-ranging solution to 3000 sites: Pivital Solutions. They provide 3rd-party hardware and software support and IT consulting, plus they buy/sell/rent HP equipment (3000 and 9000). Any questions, contact Sherri Erickson (603-382-3345, serickson@pivitalsolutions.com).


More Feedback from the Front lines

Last month we heard from Paul Edwards and had a detailed discussion of RAID drives on MPE. This month we feature feedback from three consulting firms: Fluent Edge, Ron Horner, and the IT Consulting Consortium:


Debugging Qedit for Windows Connections

QWIN is a client/server application and, as such, is a good example of the fun of debugging such applications. Read our tech support note.


Fastread and Empty Datasets

Reading Eloquence datasets in Suprtool/UX did not detect end-of-set condition on datasets with no records. Suprtool would continue to process as if there were records in the first block. This has been fixed in Suprtool 4.8.02 and has been put up on our web site. You can request codes and download the software from:


If you don't know your account number, just put in a dummy number but please provide enough information so we can look you up and generate codes.


One of Our Ads from The 3000 Newswire


Need Help With Oracle?

Here are a number of useful web sites where you can look for help using Oracle, particularly the forums.






On-line manuals:

Oracle 8 documentation: http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/doc/oracle/

Oracle 9 manuals (and some 10): http://otn.oracle.com/documentation/index.html


3000 Community Booth at HPWorld

HP 3000 users now have a place, Booth 821, in the HPWorld exhibition hall, where they can find rest with other 3000 people, dump their bags, recharge their laptop, or even arrange to meet someone at a predefined time. Just a space with some chairs and tables, and a message board.

Booth 821. Interex HPWorld Conference. Chicago. August 16-20, 2004.  Sponsored by Marxmeier, ScreenJet, Robelle, Bob Karlin, OpenMPE and Interex.  If you would like to be a sponsor too, contact Alan Yeo (alanyeo@affirm.co.uk) or Tammy Roscoe (tammy@robelle.com)


HP 3000 Bugaboos

Deadly embrace! Instructors drilled into new 3000 programmers that MR (multiple RIN) capabaility opened the door to deadlock. This is true, but seldom happened in the real world.


July Robelle Newsletter

Catch up on all the Robelle news for the last two months, from our Quad-Qedit comparision (for those migrating away from the HP 3000 and missing Quad) to our little news item about MPE attaining 1700 sustained disk I/Os per second.


Weird Oracle Error

Sometimes the eventual solution of a tech support problem has almost nothing to do with the original customer complaint. Read about this customer experience with Oracle on HP-UX, where they started by thinking they weren't licensed for Oracle access.


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