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Speedware and eXegeSys

Last week, Speedware acquired the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) assets of eXegeSys Systems, Inc. The eXegeSys web site points out that Speedware has also " hired all associated staff members". This will be part of a Speedware division, www.openerpsolutions.com, whose web site now links to the eXegeSys site.


OpenMPE at HPWorld

Stephen Suraci of Pivital Solutions sends this report on the OpenMPE session at HPWorld.


HP Announces New Conference for Sep 05

From Computerworld: HP described it as the "first conference to deliver qualified, consistent education and training opportunities across HP's broad base of customers, partners and employees." Interex will continue to hold its HP World in 2005 and continue to evaluate its involvement in the new conference.


Photos from HPWorld

Courtesy of Tammy Roscoe, pictures and a short report from the HPWorld conference.


HP-UX Tips

Micah Altman at Harvard offers tips on HP-UX to supplement his more general Unix handouts.


HPWorld: Roundtable Reports

A report from HPWorld by The Register.


HPWorld: Unix Roadmap

News report from Ashlee Vance of The Register.


Email Issues

Robelle has had some e-mail issues of late, mostly centered around our SPAM filtering software being too aggressive in marking some of your e-mails as being SPAM. This includes e-mails that were generated for requesting license codes.

Robelle has remedied the situation, but we would like to point out that if you e-mail us and don't hear from us within one business day, then something is definitely wrong. (Typically we respond very quickly, the one business day is just a broad guideline) We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers, so if you don't hear back from us then either your e-mail did not arrive and/or was marked as SPAM.

There are three e-mail addresses that are monitored by Robelle staff:

{technical support}
{pricing/new sales/quote issues}

We apologize for any inconvenience our e-mail issue has cause you. We are pretty certain that we have solved our e-mail issues.


How To "STExport" Beyond 2GB

Recently we have a few tech support calls from people wondering when STExport was going to handle large files. Well the answer is, it already does; so of course customers will then ask why can't I export large files; I keep getting an error message about files over 2GB.

The answer is actually quite simple. STExport, by default chooses to build variable length files. (We did this as most import facilities are capable of handling variable length files and they are smaller to ftp to other systems.) MPE however, does not support large files that are variable length, so therefore the solution is to add "col fixed" to your script. Click the link above for examples.


Help for Powerhouse Users

In 2003, The 3000 Newswire discussed the future of Cognos' Powerhouse and Core Migration, a company that offers to migrate Powerhouse apps. In Summer 2004, we interviewed David From at Core Migration about the state of HP 3000 migration. Click the link above for his comments.


A.P. Lawrence Unix Pages

Improve your Unix knowledge with the great site, including most common questions when you are new to Unix, and lots of articles and tips. Oriented mainly to Linux and SCO, but still very applicable to any Unix system.


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