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Extracting Pieces of Binary Dates

Neil Armstrong, the Suprtool Software Architect, writes: We recently received the following inquiry about extracting out portions of year, month and day, from numeric dates:

Support Team,

Here is what I need to do, I have an I2 field with a date stored in YYYYMMDD format and what I need to be able to do is redefine the field so I can get to each piece.


    booking-date[1],4 = Century
    booking-date[5],2 = Month
    booking-date[7],2 = Day
Our response:

There is a way to isolate year, month and day in one step. It just involves some simple math in order to do what you want. It is not entirely obvious how to do this though.

Myfile is a file with a double integer date field called "a" in the format ccyymmdd, below is a method to extract each portion.

>in myfile
>def year,1,4,display
>def month,1,2,display
>def day,1,2,display
>ext year=a / 10000
>ext month=(a / 100) mod 100
>ext day=a mod 100
YEAR            = 2005           MONTH           = 2
DAY             = 7

You can also use the $edit function to isolate portions of the date and make the date more readable.

>in myfile
>def dispdata,1,10,byte
>ext dispdata=$edit(a,"9999 99 99")
DISPDATA        = 2005 02 07


Carly is Out

More news on Carly Fiorina leaving HP at www.internetnews.com, and forbes and reuters.


UK Consultant: HP 3000 and Ecometry

Colin Daley of LocseL Consultants in Cambridge is a qualified accountant with 11 years experience of MACS1, MACS2, EuroMACS, Ecometry supplying services including training, consultancy, financials & VAT, documentation, support and problem solving, product testing, database extracts and updates, etc. Both on and off site and via VPN. HP3000 CONSULTANT. 15 years experience, the last 6 yrs in MACS environments, with HP3000/MPE operations, project planning & management. Experience with third party software products such as Robelle, Bradmark, Vesoft, OCS/Tidal and Adager. Other areas of expertise include business contingency planning, credit card authorisation, print management services. For more details, visit his web site.


Prompting From a Job

We often get asked how to prompt for input from a jobstream. Now our first suggestion is to see if they have Streamx from Vesoft which is a portion of the Security/3000 product. If the customer does not have this product, then the other option is to create a command file that uses MPE commands and I/O re-direction to make a file that can be streamed. Neil Armstrong, Robelle


Performance Experience from a Customer

Recently we received feedback from a customer who had experienced some poor response times, during peak hours after an upgrade from a 989-650 to an N4000-400-500(both with 8Gb memory). With an impeding peak resource demand, the customer was looking to solve the issue with some Suprtool tuning. Click the link above to read their results. Neil Armstrong, Robelle


Eloquence Performance and Suprtool

Recently a customer wrote us about their experience with doing performance tuning on HP-UX, using Eloquence and Suprtool. Click the link above for a summary of the situation, with an excellent comparison between Image on MPE and Eloquence on HP-UX. Neil Armstrong, Robelle, Jan 2005


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