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Consultant Corner: Serasoft

Michael Serafin writes on his web page:

"You and I love the HP3000. What a machine! Bullet-proof, a real workhorse. We have watched the constant drumbeat about the death of the HP3000. Newer and newer technology will make it all "easier", no need for these big box computers, blah, blah, blah. And yet, here we are, 2006, and the great HP3000 is still with us. There are lots of shops, like yours, that still use it every single day, it runs your business and it does a nice job of it. I know, I LOVE this machine. My name is Mike Serafin and I am the president and founder of Serasoft, Inc. I have been programming the HP3000 for 22 years (since 1984). I am an expert at most every tool for the HP, COBOL, QUIZ, Quick (all the Cognos products), Image, SUPRTOOL, you name it."


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