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SDMPE Utility in Beta test

Recently, I was asked during a training course if their was a utility that did the reverse of SDUNIX which takes an MPE self-describing or link file and turns it into two separate files.

What SDMPE does will take the two files, the data file and the labels or .sd file and turn it into a single new self-describing file.

If you are interesting in trying out this new program please send me an e-mail at neil@robelle.com and I will send it to you in Reflection Labels format.


Virtual Suprtool course

Kubler Consulting, Inc., an authorized SUPRTOOL Training partner with Robelle Solutions Technologies Inc., is offering a three-day SUPRTOOL/QEDIT Training course. This course is being offered by popular demand via the internet!!! The dates are September 25th - 27th, 2006. If you have an interest in the training please send email to jeff@kublerconsulting.com or call 541-745-7457. Further information including the topics covered, detailed location and training references, etc. are available upon request.


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