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Weather creates havoc on Roads

The Sales and Admin team will be working from home on Monday, November 27, 2006 due to recent storm activity. This means that the Sales and Admin team can answer your questions via e-mail at sales@robelle.com and admin@robelle.com.

To read about the storms in the area please see this story in the Vancouver Sun.


Robelle closed November 23, 2006

Robelle will be closed for the US Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday November 23, 2006. Robelle will open again on Friday however, we will have limited technical support. You will need to call and leave a message and/or e-mail support@robelle.com and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.


Production version of Suprtool

We have had a high number of requests for the latest version of Suprtool from our Summit customers. Click on the link above to go to request codes and to be taken to the download page.


Sales/Admin closed November 13, 2006

The Sales and Admin offices will be closed Monday November 13, 2006 in lieu of Rememberence Day.


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HP 3000 Evolution:

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This 300-page book contains the latest information on three important topics:
HP 3000 Tune Up
Migrating a 3000 application.

An essential reference for every desk! Order your copy on-line for US$25.