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TZTAB info Update

Jeff Vance recently posted to 3000-L about issues with the latest version of the TZTAB file for the new Daylight Savings changes:
We in vCSY were about to release the latest TZTAB file, which is based on the HP-UX TZTAB, when it was discovered that we now have incorrect information for Alaska and some Atlantic regions. The HP-UX team is working quickly to address this problem, and as soon as they are done we will make the file available on Jazz, in addition to providing a regular patch.

Some additional information is available here.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff Vance at jeff.vance@hp.com

Regards, the vCSY patch team


The Suprtool Templates

Recently while teaching, a group of customers expressed the need for some templates for key Suprtool tasks. One of the most common issues was trying to keep straight the data relationships that you have for a typical link task.

The simple rule of thumb is if the data is many to one, (detail to master), then the input file is the detail and the link file is the master file.

If you have a many-to-many data relationship then you use join, but more on that in another installment.

Here is our first template, called linkstd.

#! /bin/sh                                                              
#  Shell script to do a typical Link task. Parameters are:
#      $1 = Input or Details file
#      $2 = Link or Master file         
#      $3 = Output file/result file
#  Check # parameters
if [ $# -ne 3 ]
    echo "Incorrect number of parameters specified"
export detail=$1
export master=$2
export output=$3
/users/robdev/suprlink/suprlink -v << \!EOD
input $detail
link  $master
out   $output

This template is available from our ftp site.

More templates will be published as we make them available.


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