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Robelle Products: Qedit and Suprtool

The Robelle products are well-known for their robustness, performance, and features, and are well suited to commercial data processing environments. Our products are available for HP3000 (MPE) computers and Hewlett-Packard HP9000 (HP-UX) servers.



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Editing Solutions


Qedit for Windows

Client/Server Editor for HP e3000, HP-UX, and PC files
  • Windows look-and- feel interface simplifies editing of HP files

  • True client/server architecture saves time by eliminating the download/upload cycle

  • Multi-platform solution provides a common interface for all your MPE, HP-UX, and Windows editing

Qedit for HP e3000

Full-Screen Editor and Integrated Development Environment
  • Leading HP e3000 development environment for over 20 years

  • Simplifies HP e3000 editing with full-screen capabilities and productivity features such as cut-and-paste, search-and-replace, column editing, etc.

  • Tight integration with the HP e3000 provides a home base from which you can run applications, execute HP commands, and compile programs

Data Solutions


Suprtool Database Handyman

Fast Data Extraction and Manipulation
  • Fastest solution for extracting and sorting HP data — improve extract and sort speeds by 5, 15, even 30 times!

  • Cost-efficient solution for migrating data between platforms and applications

  • Empowers IT staff with a wide range of data manipulation capabilities, eliminating the need for custom programming

  • Speeds up your mission critical applications and HP reporting tools (e.g. PowerHouse), leveraging your software investment