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Qedit 5.0 Now Shipping!

New Functionality and Improved Performance Continue to Enhance Productivity for Qedit and Qedit for Windows Users Alike

Surrey, BC - Qedit 5.0 will be landing on the desks of all supported customers by the end of November. The 2000 release contains lots of enhancements for users of both traditional HP-based Qedit and Qedit for Windows client/server version.

Robelle continues to improve Qedit users' productivity with new features and better performance. Users of Qedit 5.0 will benefit from better control over the editing environment, e.g. the redo stack can now be saved across Qedit/e3000 or Qedit/UX sessions allowing you to apply a previous set of commands to a new file and leverage your efforts. MPE users will also notice enhanced interaction with the MPE operating system including the new ROBMSGFENCE variable, which works the same as the HPMSGFENCE variable to suppress warning messages when executing MPE commands. Regular expression functionality has been improved including a new capability to use escaped characters in the replacement string of a change command. In full-screen mode, there are even more cut-and-paste options such as replication of a block of text-a real time saver for setting up templates, copying repetitive code, etc. Column editing improvements include new listing features, which give users more flexibility in viewing and printing columnar data. Finally, Qedit 5.0 offers even faster performance for working with variable-length files including POSIX files, spool files, and bytestream files. For more information, including the detailed change notice, please see

The Qedit for Windows 5.0 release consolidates all of the new functionality added throughout the year, some of which has been made available to customers in interim releases. Qedit for Windows has become a highly integrated and customizable solution with the release of MPE and HP-UX system command functionality and the Qedit Scripting Language. The ability to execute HP host system commands from within the Qedit for Windows client has been the most popular customer request because it eliminates the need to switch back and forth from Qedit to the MPE or HP-UX session. The Qedit Scripting Language (QSL) makes it possible to automate any repetitive task that has an editing or program development component. And the most recent enhancement available in Qedit for Windows 5.0 is color configuration. Users can change the background and text colors and can even create unique color schemes for each document window-great for differentiating between MPE, HP-UX, and local files or between various projects organized by connection. For more information and screen shots, please visit

Qedit is the full-screen editor and integrated development environment for the HP e3000 and HP-UX platforms. Qedit for Windows, the client/server version, offers a Windows look-and-feel interface and multi-platform solution for editing HP e3000, HP-UX and PC files. All Robelle products are backed by a well-renowned 24x7 technical support team. For more information or to request a free demo, please contact Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE [1-888-762-3553] or visit our website at


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