Suprtool 5.7 Available

Suprtool 5.7 is available as a pre-release, you can read about the various enhancements and bug fixes in the various change notices.


Suprtool $-Function Definitions
We've grown the list of Suprtool if and extract functions so much over the years we are adding the Suprtool Funtions List and Examples to the manual for Suprtool 5.7. Follow the link for the first stab at documenting and providing examples of the various functions inside Suprtool.


Suprtool 5.6.13 All Platforms
New version of Suprtool is now available. Suprtool version 5.6.13, has a new logging function on HP-UX/Linux called comlog and is invoked with Set comlog on, as well as STExport and Suprlink now have their own "suprmgr" files on all platforms.


Moving Some Servers
We are moving some servers starting on September 23, 2014 starting on the Tuesday afternoon, thru until Wednesday afternoon. We don't expect any change in service, other than our ability to make codes will be a little slower.


June 2014 Newsletter
Read the latest newsletter for June 2014


Suprtool 5.6.12 All Platforms
New version of Suprtool is now available. Suprtool version 5.6.12, has two new functions $proper and $translate. Read about what these new functions do in the change notice!


Obfuscating Test Data
New HowDoI Article on Obfuscation Test Data in byte Containers.


Normalizing Data
New HowDoI Article on Normalizing Phone numbers in byte Containers.


Qedit for Windows 6.0 Available
Read What's New in Qedit for Windows 6.0 which is available for download and has been available for sometime. Lot's of key bug fixes.


Suprtool 5.6 Available
Read What's New in Suprtool 5.6 which is available for download and has been available for sometime. Lot's of interesting enhancements, like extract $all, $first, $last, support for 512 fields and more.


December News Letter
Read our December newsletter which discusses Adventures in Endianness and a Dog's Life at Robelle!


Latest News Letter
Read our latest newsletter which discusses the latest with the HP 3000 Emulator and discusses our long history with our dealers.


The Emulator Chronicles
Read about our initial experiences with the Freeware edition of the Charon HP/3000 emulator and the meeting at the Computer History Museum put on by Stromasys.


Gmail Outage impacts Robelle E-mail
We experienced an E-mail outage briefly on April 17th from 6am until 9:30 am all is well, sorry for the disruption.


Suprtool Pre-Release 5.5.10 Available
Click here to read what is new in Suprtool 5.5.10!!


Robelle December Newsletter
Click here to read our latest news, including the availability of Suprtool 5.5 with up to 268 fields per record!


Scripting Service
  • Lost your Suprtool expert?
  • No expertise in house?
  • Can't remember what the script was supposed to do?
  • Too busy putting out fires?
Contact Robelle for Our NEW Scripting Service.


Robelle July Newsletter
Click here to read our news from July 2012, including the availability of Suprtool on Red Hat Linux!


Happy Birthday
Robelle's 35th Birthday - Saturday - April 14, 2012


An Enthusiastic Qedit User!
"I use Qedit every day...trying to imagine just using EDITOR and its too scary to imagine."

Tom Hula
Victor S. Barnes


Robelle on the Charon-HPA/3000 Emulator
As you may be aware the ZELUS project, by Stromasys was announced publicly in 2010. The goal of the Zelus project was to run the unmodified MPE/iX OS and all of it's tools and applications on an standard server platform. This project was successful with the full boot of MPE/iX and execution of hardware diagnostics on an Intel core I7. See the latest information at: Suprtool on the Charon-HPA/3000 Emulator!


Qedit for HP-UX and While loops!
There are some instances in Qedit where people want to repeatedly do commands until the end of file. While you can't specifically do this, you can simply find out how many lines you need to "find" and then create a loop to repeat those commands. See the latest HowDoI.


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