HP 3000 Evolution

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Book review from Alan Yeo's Screenjet.com customer newsletter:

"New HP 3000 Reference Book." Just when you thought that the end must be in sight for new books on the HP 3000. Published just in time for HP World was a new book HP 3000 Evolution. Edited by Bob Green from Robelle, this book is crammed full of new material from many of the leading authorities on the HP 3000, and links to many sources of information. The book has sections on Tuning your HP 3000, Planning a Homesteading Strategy, and a wealth of information on Migration Planning and Techniques.
Another book review from Chuck Ciesinski of Hughes Network Systems writes:
I have read the book, "HP3000 Evolution", which I got at HPWorld 2003 in Atlanta, and I rank it as a must have for every HP 3000 system manager today and beyond October 31st, 2003.

The latest publication from Robelle is HP 3000 Evolution, edited by Bob Green of Robelle, from articles written by Robelle, by The 3000 Newswire, and by experts in the HP 3000 field: Chris Edler, Paul Edwards, Marius Schild, Neil Armstrong, John Burke, Alan Wyman and Alan Heter, Stan Sieler and Gavin Scott, Ken Robertson, Eugene Volokh, Alfredo Rego, Fred White, Steve Hammond, Wayne Boyer, Alan Yeo, Gunnar Fredlund, Michael Marxmeier, Terry O'Brien, Aaron Holmes, Dave Lo, and Glenn Cole.

Contents, Links and Corrections


Migrate, Homestead, or Evolve?

 Book site: http://www.robelle.com/books 

The 3000 Newswire: http://www.3000newswire.com

Qedit home page: http://www.qedit.com

Suprtool home page: http://www.suprtool.com

Early History of the HP 3000: The Rise, Fall and Rise of the HP 3000

 Birth of IMAGE: http://www.adager.com/TechnicalPapersHTML/BirthOfImage.html 
 Bob Green's 3000 History: http://www.robelle.com/smugbook/classic.html

Deja Vue: The Spectrum Project

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Alternative Resources for Homesteading

Why Homestead?


Software Support: Gilles Schipper


Software Support: Allegro Consultants


Software Support: Beechglen


Hardware Suppport, Upgrades and Spare Parts


Ramusage utility: http://www.allegro.com/software/hp3000/allegro.html#RAMUSAGE http://www.robelle.com/tips/ftp.html

Wipedisk utility: http://www.allegro.com/products/hp3000/wipedisk.html

Hardware support: http://www.icsgroup.com/maintenance.htm

Connecting Modern SCSI Devices to the 3000

SCSI standards: http://www.paralan.com/glos.html http://www.adaptec.com http://www.granitedigital.com

http://www.compgeeks.com http://www.crossroads.com

Disagreement From Hewlett-Packard:

In reply to the SCSI chapter, Jim Hawkins of HP wrote a column titled "Non-HP disks can prompt risks" in the July 2003 issue of The 3000 Newswire,

His argument is that HP has found many SCSI disk drives to be unusable in the multi-user server environment of MPE, either because they don't fully comply with the SCSI standard or they don't comply with additional requirements that HP makes of suppliers:

"Before HP receives a device from a manufacturer, we provide to them a 'supplementary' HP Parallel SCSI Device Specificiton" (this document is only available to vendors supplying product to HP, so please don't request this document). This specification clearly states which of the myriad SCSI features HP server systems really, truly depend upon.
It seems that this manual is another one that should go on the wish list of OpenMPE for documentation that HP should distribute before 2006.

Jim Hawkins is Lead I/O Engineer in the HP MPE/iX R&D lab and has worked for HP for over 17 years in both the R&D lab and the support organization.

Homesteading By Tax Regulation

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Homesteading Checklist

An expanded version of this chapter by Paul Edwards is available on our web site as Homesteading: Plan for the Future.

 Hewlett-Packard: http://www.hp.com
 Manuals: Neil Armstrongs HP3000 Manual Collection
 The 3000 Newswire: http://www.3000newswire.com
 HP3000-L:	listserv@raven.utc.edu
 3rd Party Sites: http://www.robelle.com 

HP 3000 Tune Up

HP 3000 Reference Information

 3000 manuals:  Neil Armstrongs HP3000 Manual collection
 Most useful 3000 manuals:

http://www.3000newswire.com MPE/iX System Admin Handbook: http://diercks.net/jon

TurboIMAGE: http://beechglen.com/pub/imagefaq.txt http://www.robelle.com/library/tutorials/pdfs/imgprog.pdf http://www.robelle.com/library/tutorials/pdfs/imgperf.pdf http://www.adager.com/TechnicalPapers.html

3000-L Mailing list: http://raven.utc.edu/archives/hp3000-l.html http://raven.utc.edu/archives/index.html

3000 FAQS http://www.robelle.com/library/smugbook http://www.3000newswire.com/subscribers/TechHeads.html http://allegro.com/papers/learnmpe.html http://www.robelle.com/library http://allegro.com/papers http://www.adager.com/TechnicalPapers.html

News: http://www.3000newswire.com http://www.robelle.com http://www.robelle.com/support/hp3000.html

Using Old Technology for New Problems

 Importing data into Excel: http://www.robelle.com/tips/st-export-excel.html#import

So Your HP 3000 Is Hung. Now What?

 Dump tape:

Quick and Dirty Solutions with CI Programming


Corrections from Jeff Vance, the ultimate export on CI, which are included in the second revised edition:

1. In the section titled "Getting Data into and out of Files", the PRINT command is highlighted as a way of reading records from a file(especially reading past the first record). Although this is correct, I'd like to point out that using a message file can be 4++ times faster. And for larger files, a method using alternate entry points yields to a performance boost of 31 times or better! These IO techniques are described in my CI programming paper on Jazz.

2. Under the "Simulting Arrays" section, there is a CAVEAT USER paragraph which, if I understand the author, is completely incorrect. Interactive vs. scripting CI usage is almost always identical. The type of differences that are visible are cases where the user is prompted to confirm an action when they are interactive, e.g. the PURGEGROUP command, which assumes a "YES" in a batch-like environment. So where the author writes, "This only works within command files. If you try to do this interactively, the expression evaluation on the Setvar command is performed for the part of the command line after the variable name" this is incorrect. Variable arrays can be created interactively, in a batch job, or in a script.

3. As of the MPE/iX 5.5 base release, CI string variables can be up to 1024 characters long, which is greater than the 256 byte limit cited in the article.

Flexing Underused Muscles


Do Migrating Secondaries Give You Migraines?


Buffing Your IMAGE


Dynamic Dataset Expansion


Keeping HP 3000s on the Road

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Migrating a 3000 Application

HP White Paper on TurboIMAGE and databases http://www.hp.com/products1/evolution/e3000/download/5981-3062EN.pdf

HP White Paper on Programming Languages http://www.hp.com/products1/evolution/e3000/download/5981-3061EN.pdf

HP White Paper on Compilers and User Interfaces http://www.hp.com/products1/evolution/e3000/download/5981-3061EN.pdf

HP White Paper on MPE Commands and Networks: http://www.hp.com/products1/evolution/e3000/download/5981-3064EN.pdf

More HP White Papers: http://www.hp.com/products1/evolution/e3000/info_library/whitepapers.html http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0201563177 http://www.robelle.com/tips/unix.html http://www.smga3000.com/papers/UnixvMPE.htm http://www.ugu.com/sui/ugu/warp.ugu http://www.robelle.com/abouthpux.html http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/ http://www.faqs.org/faqs/hp/hpux-faq/ http://www.tek-tips.com/gthreadminder.cfm/lev2/3/lev3/20/pid/51 http://www.insecure.org/sploits_hpux.html http://www.suprtool.com/ux http://www.robelle.com/products/qedit/moreinfo-ux.html http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/ http://www.screenjet.com http://www.adtech.com http://www.transoft.com

A New COBOL Compiler

 KOBOL: http://www.thekompany.com
 Intrins/iX: http://www.allegro.com

COBOL Migration: What You Can Do Now

 COBOL manual: http://www.docs.hp.com

A New User Interface to Replace VPLUS


From VPLUS to Web Application


ScreenJet VPLUS to ACUCOBOL-GT and AcuBench


A New Database to Replace IMAGE

 Relational databases: http://www.adager.com/VeSoft/RelationalAndIMAGE.html
 TurboIMAGE manual: http://docs.hp.com/mpeix/onlinedocs/30391-90012/30391-90012.html
 HP COBOL manual: http://docs.hp.com/cgi-bin/doc3k/B3150090013.11820/1
 COBOL data definitions: http://docs.hp.com/cgi-bin/doc3k/B3150090013.11820/52
 Suprtool manuals: http://robelle.com/library/manuals/

Introduction to Eloquence

 Eloquence migration: http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/hp3k/migration.html
 Eloquence: http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/
 Developer: http://www.marxmeier.com

Eloquence: HP 3000 IMAGE Migration

This is a new chapter by Michael Marxmeier. Read the PDF file version.


The TurboIMAGE DataTypes

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Quick Start Oracle for the TurboIMAGE Developer

 Oracle forum/book: http://asktom.oracle.com

Transform TurboIMAGE Data to Oracle

Update: Migrating Empty Date Values From TurboIMAGE

When I gave my paper "Transforming TurboIMAGE Databases" at HPWorld in Atlanta, there was a very good question from the audience

"I have fields like SHIPDATE, which begin life with a blank value and are updated when the actual ship date is known. How do I move these datasets into SQL tables, where the SHIPDATE field will presumably be of type 'Date' and where blank will be detected as an invalid value?"

Excellent question! Click the link above for the answer.

SQL Server And TurboIMAGE Data

SQL Server Resources: http://www.sqlteam.com http://www.sqldts.com/dblinks.asp?nav=1,2,30,1 http://www.sqldts.com/ http://www.sqldts.com/catlist.asp?nav=1,6,6,2

Converting Multi-Line Notes


Introduction to Perl for 3000 Users: http://www.robelle.com/tips/perl.html

Cleaning Your Data

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A New Operating System to Replace MPE

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Learning UNIX on MPE/iX

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Unix Quickstart for MPE Users

 Full tutorial:  http://www.robelle.com/library/tutorials/pdfs/hpuxmpe.pdf

Porting Qedit from MPE to HP-UX

 SPLASH!  http://www.allegro.com

An ISV Ports to Windows