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Robelle-l : A Discussion on Deleting Duplicates

Robelle-l is a quiet little discussion group where people can post questions about Qedit and Suprtool, and receive answers from other users and the Robelle staff. Recently, there was an interesting discussion on recovering from an error that inadvertently created duplicate records in a detail dataset. Click the link above to read the interesting solution to the problem.



Suprtool: Understanding Defines

What is not clear to everyone about Defines is that they do not change the data structure of a field, they merely clarify it. If a large byte field has sub-fields in it, then a Define can make that clear. But if you want to look at the first digit of a binary field, using a Define to make it a byte field does not help. Click the link above to find out more...


HP e3000 Case Study: License Mgmt Solution (PDF)

Here is an extract: The solution is integrated with an HP e3000 mainframe system that hosts LTG's LicenseLink application. Each LTG client has access to a uniquely customized version of eContract running OrderChannel on its own server farm.


DBTune/SQL: Free Utility

DBTune/SQL is the free utility from HICOMP dedicated to administering IMAGE/SQL databases ATTACHed to ALLBASE/SQL DBEs (Data Base Environment). The management of these two disparate database management systems is quite a handful, which is why DBTune/SQL was created. In October, 2001, Dbtune/SQL was updated for IMAGE/SQL G4. (MPE/iX 6.5 and 7.0) Link found via hp3000links.com



Suprtool: Select Only the Top Ten Records

Sometimes you just want the first ten records in a file, but what if you want the "top" ten records in the file, by a sort value. Click the link above to learn how.


Credit Unions: Robelle's Summit/Spectrum Web Page

Robelle has created a new corner of its web site dedicated to users of SPECTRUM, the industry-leading application solution for credit unions from Summit Information Systems.

Hear from Summit/Suprtool users, read a case study, configure Suprtool for Spectrum, and see examples of two Spectrum jobs converted to use Suprtool. If you are a Summit/Suprtool user, send us your experiences, your converted job streams, your spreadsheet exports, or even your Suprtool enhancement requests to benefit Summit users. Spectrum is a trademark of Summit Information Systems.



Qedit for Windows Brochure (PDF)

Do you have someone that you need to convince of the value of Qedit For Windows? We have a product brochure for you, and it is available in PDF format from our web site. From the new brochure:

If you work with HP files of any kind - scripts, job streams, program source, report specs, data files, Suprtool scripts or web pages - you can do it easier in Qedit for Windows. All the familiarity of the Windows interface, plus full control of the special characteristics of the HP e3000 and HP-UX servers that PC editors just can’t cope with.

If you have the Adobe Acrobat Viewer installed, then opening the link should display the brochure in your browser. If you'd like to download the brochure, right-click the link, and select "Save target as...".

Or you can email sales@robelle.com and request a printed copy by slow mail.


Interview with Alfredo Rego of Adager

Here is an tiny snippet from this interesting interview by the 3000 NewsWire:

What kind of company is the best prospect for a solution that uses IMAGE, rather than something like an SAP-like solution?
Any company that does not have extra money, time, and attention to throw away.



Robelle Tech: Learn About XML and Suprtool

The Robelle Tech columns in the October issue of The 3000 NewsWire provide an introduction to XML, with example applications and links to voluminous web training material, and they announce a new feature in Suprtool: exporting to XML format.


Consultant: Curtis Morgan

We are building a list of consulting resources for our customers - people who know Suprtool and Suprtool-based applications. We will feature them on our home page as we discover them, and catalog them as well.

Company Name: Curtis C Morgan, Inc.
Speciality:AMISYS, HP 3000, PowerHouse, COBOL, Suprtool, experience with most business applications.
Contact:Curtis Morgan
Location:Austin Texas
Have used Suprtool since 1992, Cognos and HP-3000 since 1981.
References: Numerous HMO and HP-3000 references at: Harvard Pilgrim (MA), Family Health Plan (OH), Wellness Plan (MI), Trigon HMO (VA), Ochsner HMO (LA) and Perot Systems (TX).
Notes:HP 3000 consultant since 1979. Free to travel anywhere. Can relocate, or can telecommute. MBA, CNE.

If you are an experienced Suprtool consultant, or know of such a consultant, please send us the information using our Consultant Listing Form.


NewsWire: Ecometry Users Plan Own Conference

Users group is planning a meeting that is independent, to supplement vendor-sponsored yearly meeting.


What's Up DOC: October Issue Published

The October 2001 issue of Robelle's What's Up DOCumentation newletter is now available. Some of the highlights from this issue:

* Advanced Selections in Qedit for Windows

Selecting text is a basic technique in all Windows applications, including Qedit for Windows. Everything starts with the "basic swipe". But Qedit offers much more than that, including easy ways to extend selections, rectangular selections, and even select to a saved position.

* Qedit as a Window to Suprtool

"We have job streams which check the integrity of our production databases. They do this by executing Suprtool tasks which check for valid data values. These job streams have grown over time and some contain over 1,000 lines of intermixed MPE commands and Suprtool tasks. Maintaining and testing them had become a big problem, but I found a Qedit for Windows technique where I could change and test the jobs any time I wish."

* Add a Header to an Existing PRN File with Suprtool

After you have created a PRN file from Suprtool with the Output,PRN command or the STExport module, you may discover that your other application wants to have a header record. If you no longer have the original data for recreating the PRN file with STExport, this article shows you how to add a header record another way.

* Exporting to Excel with Suprtool

Importing to a PC application such as Excel is similar in concept to almost any job where Suprtool is used to feed IMAGE data to a program on the 3000. The only extra step would be using STExport to reformat the output before transferring the file to the PC. This article tells you the precise steps needed to export from IMAGE to Excel 2000, including Suprtool commands, sample data, and Windows screen shots, plus dealing with problems.

* New features in Host-Based Qedit: Text Exclusive

The new Set Text Exclusive option gives you increased control over files that you are editing. With this option, files that are Texted in are kept open during the edit session, which prevents other Qedit users from opening them and overwriting each other's changes.

* Learning about LDAP

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) allows you to create directories of information similar to what you would see in a telephone book. Any information you want to store for later quick retrieval: names, telephone numbers, conference room capacities, addresses, directions, even picture or sound files. Using directories such as these is an incredible time-saver, but LDAP can do so much more. The directories you create are wholly up to you, so the sky's the limit.

These are just some of the informative articles in this issue. Read the complete issue to learn more!

Browse the HTML issue at

Download the PDF issue at

Hope you enjoy this issue.


NewsWire: New HP e3000 Performance Advice

Excellent report from HPWorld by Craig Solomon in the 3000 NewsWire.


New web site: www.qedit.com

We at Robelle have created a new web site, qedit.com to gather together information for people who are considering using our Qedit for Windows product. Take a look and pass it on to your friends.


3000-L Mailing List: Suprtool and Powerhouse Data Types

3000-L is an internet mailing list for people who have an interest in the HP e3000 computer system. You can post a question or a notice and other people who read the list will post answers and comments. For example, the link above is to a Suprtool question about translating a Suprtool p28 data type into the corresponding Powerhouse data type. For the answer, look at the one reply posted to this message, which points to this Robelle technical tip.



3000 NewsWire: Qedit Favorites Organize Project Files

The Sept issue of the 3000 NewsWire contains a RobelleTech column by Neil Armstrong about the new "Favorites" feature in Qedit for Windows. Neil has found it very useful to organize by project the many disparate number and types of files that he edits, even files on different servers and his local PC. Click the link above for the full story.


John Burke: MPE Patch Management

Read the presentation on MPE/iX Patch Management given at the HP e3000 Solutions Symposium on February 8, 2001 by John Burke.



New web site: Suprtool.com

We have created a new web site just for our Suprtool product, suprtool.com, with links to vast amounts of information. This is primarily intended to attract new customers into the Suprtool fold, so if you see some important aspect of Suprtool that we missed, please let us know, bgreen@robelle.com - thanks.


Robelle Tech: MPE Job Queues

This month's issue of the 3000 NewsWire contains a Robelle Tech column by Neil Armstrong about MPE's expanded job queues:

There’s a problem though: the individual job streams that test each product can only run single threaded. Each job must complete before the next one begins, so we have to keep the job limit perfect all the time. This also means that we can’t run the Qedit and Suprtool test suites simultaneously.

This has always been a problem, as sometimes people or jobs alter the limit incorrectly, which means that multiple jobs would stream at the same time, causing test jobs to fail and results to be incorrect. This could mean losing a night’s “productive” testing, as the job streams are generally streamed in the early hours of the morning, after the nightly backup. So if you had just made a major change to a module of Suprtool, you wouldn’t know the impact of that change for another day.

Click the link above to read about Neil's experiences with job queues.



Host-based Qedit: Text Exclusive and other improvements

A pre-release of Host-Based Qedit is ready for user testing. This contains enhancements and problem fixes and is available to customers with current maintenance by emailing support@robelle.com or calling 1.604.582.1700. After user feedback, these enhancements will be turned into a production release. Qedit pre-release version 5.1.10 has the following Enhancements:

Enable the Set Text Exclusive option for increased control over files that you are editing. With this option, files that are Texted in are kept open during the edit session preventing other Qedit users from opening them.

Qedit recognizes the Checksum parameter on the PREP command.

The Find and FindUp commands display the column number where the found string starts with a visual marker (caret) pointing to it.

Hitting Control-Y to interrupt a Redo stack operation such as Listredo does not cancel a pending Delete anymore.

Running a program with a Parm value in octal works correctly. The octal value is now passed properly to the program being run.

Set Visual Editonopen controls whether Qedit automatically goes back to full-screen mode on an Open command at the Next command prompt.

You can read all the details in the online Change Notice


Toll-free Problems?

If you have any trouble with our toll-free number, 1.888.robelle, it may be because the North American phone system database of toll-free numbers had a problem today. Use our regular number 1.604.582.1700 instead.


HP Jazz: Papers from HPWorld

MPE CI Programming for 7.0 - by Jeff Vance. The appendix is lengthy and the speaker notes at the bottom of each page are recommended reading. This slideset covers much of the same material as presented in the 2001 Solutions Symposium. However, there is new material, new examples and perhaps the order of the slides is more intuitive from a programming perspective. Database Update - by Vikram Kumar B T. This is the Image/SQL database update presented at HP World.

Database Update - by Vikram Kumar B T. This is the Image/SQL database update presented at HP World.

Open-source Development on MPE - by Mark Bixby. A brief history of open source on the 3000 plus step by step instructions on how to build open source applications.

Perl Programming on MPE/iX - by Mark Bixby. This is a slightly revised version of the Perl talk given at the 2001 Solution Symposium.

SIGWEB Internet & Interoperability Update - by Mark Bixby. CSY's I&I accomplishments since the previous HPWorld and plans for the future.


HowMessy: Manual Now Available in PDF and HTML Formats

In response to popular demand, we have converted the HowMessy 2.8 manual to PDF and HTML Help formats, and these are available for download, free of charge. Click the link above.



Suprtool: Exporting to Excel

Importing to a PC application such as Excel is similar in concept to almost any job where Suprtool is used to feed IMAGE data to a program on the 3000. The only extra step would be using STExport to reformat the output before transferring the file to the PC. STExport is the module of Suprtool that reformats HP e3000 data into formats that can be loaded directly into applications on PCs and other platforms.

To learn the precise steps needed to export from IMAGE to Excel 2000, including Suprtool commands, sample data, and Windows screen shots, plus dealing with problems, click the link above and read our technical tip.


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