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What's Up, DOCumentation? 2001 # 6

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October 2001


  • Bob Green, President
  • Dave Lo, Editor

To: Users of Robelle Software

Re: News of the HP e3000 and Robelle, 2001 #6

If you haven't been visiting the Robelle web site,, at least once a week, here is what you have been missing. Included are many of the stories posted to the web since the last What's Up DOC newsletter in June 2001.

If you are reading a PDF or text version of this newsletter, remember that the headline of every story is actually a web link to the full story or more information. If you want to follow a link to get more information, go to the web home of the current newsletter:

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News and Upcoming Events

HP to Buy Compaq for $25 Billion

HP and Compaq will merge. The combined technology company would have annual revenues of about $87.4 billion and 145,000 employees, trailing only IBM in size. And if completed, the merger would help the two struggling companies compete against nimbler rivals like Sun Microsystems and Dell Computer.

MPE/iX in Release 7.0, Express 1

MPE/iX Release 7.0, Express 1 is ready. This Internet-ready release enables multiprocessing on the A-class and N-class systems, as well as a number of other technologies.

The IMAGE Enchilada is Back on the HP Plate

Whether HPís database labs want to take a bite is still uncertain. A meeting of IMAGE/SQL experts and enthusiasts turned into an impartial jury at HP World, when the SIG-IMAGE/SQL group voted to approve the long-dormant Enchilada database upgrade proposal. The Enchilada ó a nickname for the ENhancement for caCHIng Limited Authorized DAta ó was first dreamed up late in 1998 as a way to provide a host of improved database services to HP 3000 customers.

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HP Tips

NewsWire: Orbit has new MPE Pocket Guide

At the HPWorld conference, Orbit was giving away copies of their new pocket guide, updated for MPE/iX 7.0. If you're did not attend the conference, you can still get the updated pocket guide at the ORBiT Store on the Web,

Duane Percox: Experiences Ordering New A-Class 3000

Here is a posting from 3000-L about QSS, a software application vendor in the education market, and their experience dealing with HP and other vendors as they worked on procurring a new A400 to replace their 937 circa 1992 system.

Broaden Yourself: Learn about LDAP

Curtis Larsen has written an excellent introduction to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Curtis explains that LDAP allows you to create directories of information similar to what you would see in a telephone book. Any information you want to store for later quick retrieval: names, telephone numbers, conference room capacities, addresses, directions ó even picture or sound files. Using directories such as these is an incredible time-saver (canít you think of company applications for one already?), but LDAP can do so much more. The directories you create are wholly up to you, so the skyís the limit.

This is a timely article, since LDAP is now available on the 3000.

3000 NewsWire: Chris Bartram

The NewsWire highlights Chris Bartram and his work on improving security for Ecometry sites.

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Qedit for Windows Tips

Advanced Selections in Qedit for Windows

Selecting text is a basic technique in all Windows applications, including Qedit for Windows. Everything starts with the "basic swipe". But Qedit offers much more than that, including easy ways to extend selections, rectangular selections, and even select to a saved position. For a comprehensive review of all the selection techniques, click the link above.

NewsWire: Qedit as a Window to Suprtool

Edit your Suprtool jobs and test them, all from a friendly Windows environment. Read this article about Qedit for Windows in the public area of the 3000 NewsWire.

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Suprtool Tips

Suprtool: Adding a Header to an Existing PRN File

After you have created a PRN file from Suprtool with the Output,PRN command or the STExport module, you may discover that your other application wants to have a header record. The STExport module of Suprtool has the ability to define a header, but the Output,PRN command does not.

If you no longer have the original data for recreating the PRN file with STExport, you can add a header record another way:

1. pre-build a file big enough for the output

  setvar recsize finfo("yourfile","recsize")
  setvar eof     finfo("yourfile","eof")+1
  build newfile;rec=!recsize,,f,ascii;disc=!eof

2. write the header

  file newfile=newfile,old
  echo "your header","etc." > *newfile
  reset newfile

3. copy in the rest (you can even use fcopy if you don't have suprtool)

  >in yourfile
  >out newfile,append

Suprtool: Exporting to Excel

Importing to a PC application such as Excel is similar in concept to almost any job where Suprtool is used to feed IMAGE data to a program on the 3000. The only extra step would be using STExport to reformat the output before transferring the file to the PC. STExport is the module of Suprtool that reformats HP e3000 data into formats that can be loaded directly into applications on PCs and other platforms.

To learn the precise steps needed to export from IMAGE to Excel 2000, including Suprtool commands, sample data, and Windows screen shots, plus dealing with problems, click the link above and read our technical tip.

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Consultants: Horner Consulting

Robelle is collecting information on qualified HP e3000 consultants and posting it on our web site. Ron Horner is a real 3000 enthusiast, and a Suprtool booster. Check his web site to see how he has integrated the Robelle news headlines into the design.

HP e3000: Burke Consulting

This is the site for the consulting business of John Burke (, a well respected MPE expert.

John Burke: Best of Hidden Value and Net.Digest

John Burke has a web page with the best of his columns from The 3000 NewsWire. Very useful.

InnerVu: National Support for HP Systems

InnerVu is a professonal hardware service organization. planning to provide USA-wide support for MPE systems, including the recently obsoleted 9x7 systems, with "feet on the street" in all markets. If you are interested, contact Bruce Mitchell,

Poll Results: PDF Format is the Winner

We have been taking a vote of our customers about what format and media they prefer best for program documentation. And the winner is PDF format, downloaded from the web. Here are the rankings: We have web downloadable documentation in PDF and HTML format for Suprtool, Qedit, Qedit for Windows, and even Howmessy!

3000 NewsWire: Building Better Software

The NewWire has published a short extract from Bob Green's paper on software quality that he presented at HPWorld last month. Read the entire paper.

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Host-Based Qedit Tips

Host-based Qedit: Text Exclusive and other improvements

A pre-release of Host-Based Qedit is ready for user testing. This contains enhancements and problem fixes and is available to customers with current maintenance by emailing or calling 1.604.582.1700. After user feedback, these enhancements will be turned into a production release. Qedit pre-release version 5.1.10 has the following Enhancements:

Enable the Set Text Exclusive option for increased control over files that you are editing. With this option, files that are Texted in are kept open during the edit session preventing other Qedit users from opening them.

Qedit recognizes the Checksum parameter on the PREP command.

The Find and FindUp commands display the column number where the found string starts with a visual marker (caret) pointing to it.

Hitting Control-Y to interrupt a Redo stack operation such as Listredo does not cancel a pending Delete anymore.

Running a program with a Parm value in octal works correctly. The octal value is now passed properly to the program being run.

Set Visual Editonopen controls whether Qedit automatically goes back to full-screen mode on an Open command at the Next command prompt.

You can read all the details in the online Change Notice

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