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Soccer First!

Robelle's software lab is located in the Caribbean on the island of Anguilla. The Anguilla National Football team defeated Nevis on Sunday June 29th. The final score as 4-1.

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What makes this match noteworthy is that the Suprtool Software Architect, Neil Armstrong, played on the national team in this match, his first international team competition. Congratulations to Neil! [Click the picture above to enlarge it.]


HP White Paper: Compilers and User Interfaces

This is HP's white paper with their ideas on migrating programming language compilers and user interfaces.


MPE/iX System Problem Analysis - by Bill Cadier

Learn all about MPE internals and ways to get a hint of what may be wrong on your system, before calling for support. Link above is to on-line web version, or download the MS Word file.


IMAGE: Paths are for People

Read Bob Green's newly updated and expanded article on the use of search keys in TurboIMAGE.


net.digest for June

John Burke has posted net.digest for June, including this interesting question:

Is the root file the root of all knowledge? This was the question: I have an Image database in which the item declarations have been added willy-nilly, and now I'd like to sort those declarations for easier readability without breaking my database and without doing a reload. Will this work? He then went on to describe how he wanted to generate a schema with Adager, sort the item list, create a new empty database with this schema and replace the original root file with the new one.

The net.digest for May 2003 is also worth reading, even if just for the fact that the Unix Haters Handbook is now available on line.


Integer Keys: The Fifth Solution

Rene Woc writes: Bob Green's article on "zero secondaries" in the June newsletter explains very well the pitfalls and solutions when using "integer keys" in IMAGE master datasets. However, I believe Bob's article missed a 5th solution, one that guarantees no-secondaries with integer keys, if you know how the key values are assigned. This is the most common case. The solution is described in Fred White's article "Integer Keys: The Final Chapter" available from the Adager's web site. It's the solution Adager customers with "integer keys" use. Any HP3000 user can always call Adager to obtain the proper capacity values for their particular case.


John Burke: Hidden Value for June

John's great column in the NewsWire is now online and full of useful information, including this Q&A:

How can I find out what is installed on my system? Andreas Schmidt replied: HPSWINFO.PUB.SYS shows the OS Level, patch level, and hp patches applied as long as standard patch routines have been used. No third party software is listed in HPSWINFO, however. Robert Mills added that for third party tools you could try the 'System Inventory Utility (SIU)' written by Jeff Vance. It's available as a free download from Jazz (http://jazz.external.hp.com/src/scripts/siu/index.html) John Burke noted that for HP software, xeq psirpt.pred.sys gives a complete listing of products/bundles.

Note: the May column is online now as well.


Performance of Migrated HP e3000 Applications - by Kevin Cooper

This presentation from the recent Solutions Symposium helps answer the question: "what size system(s) will you need to run your migrated 3000 application on a new platform?". To save the PowerPoint file (.ppt) right click/save-as here. Here is a quote from the concluding slide:

"Feedback from some early benchmarks suggests that an overall increase of 25-50% in processing power was about the right amount for those benchmarks. Each site needs to approximate what will be needed, based on the guidelines found here. Verify your approximations with performance tests before you go live!"


Adager: Consultants List

Here is a nice list of HP 3000 consultants on the Adager web site, with short descriptions of each one.


June Newsletter

The June 2003 issue of our customer newletter is now available. Browse the newsletter online at the link above, or download the PDF issue. Among the interesting stories this month:

* HPWorld in Atlanta is fast approaching.
* Is a "Zero Secondaries" Report Good News?
* New Suprtool has unbelievable enhancements
* New Qedit for Windows release


HPWorld MPE Program

Here is a list of the latest MPE talks and tutorials in August.


HP White Paper: TurboIMAGE and databases

The HP take on how to migrate IMAGE databases.


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