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Company That Migrates Powerhouse Aps

CORE is a company in Ottawa that migrates Powerhouse applications to modern platforms using a combination of automated tools and manual processes: www.coremigration.com [ discovered via an article on CORE's migration philosophy in The 3000 Newswire which is available online].


Edit Many Files At the Same Time in Regular Qedit

When Qedit was originally written, its ability to edit one file at a time and make it lightning fast to switch between files was more than adequate. That is how we came up with the space-saving, instant open Qedit workfile that allows you to do Open XXX, edit, Open YYY, edit, then Open * to switch between the files in a second. But when we wrote Qedit for Windows, we needed multiple files in edit windows at the same time. So we added a similar feature to host-based Qedit.


Easier Migration Path for Suprtool on HP-UX

Recently Lee Tsai from iMAXSoft approached us about generating a version of Suprtool for HP-UX that utilized their series of call conversion libraries called OpenTURBO. Lee's tools and utilities can take an Image database and convert it to Oracle quite painlessly.

Using their libraries, which map TurboImage calls into appropriate Oracle calls, Suprtool is able to access ORACLE databases using the standard IMAGE/Eloquence commands (Base, Get, Delete, etc.), instead of through Suprtool's special Oracle commands (Open, Select, Add). Without OpenTURBO, some Suprtool functions are not available on Oracle (Update, Delete). This means little or no changes to your Suprtool scripts when migrating from MPE(TurboImage) to HP-UX(Oracle).

So far we have done limited testing of Suprtool with OpenTurbo, but we are encouraged by the results.

If you are interested in trying this version of Suprtool with OpenTURBO, please e-mail Neil Armstrong at neil@robelle.com. To contact Lee Tsai at iMaxsoft about this product, please e-mail: lee@imaxsoft.com.


Suprtool Html Help Files Are Back!

We finally found new PC software to generate the Html Help version of the manual for Suprtool version 4.7.02. Read the explanation and download the new help files.


Book Review

From Alan Yeo at Screenjet.com in their customer newsletter: "New HP3000 Reference Book." Just when you thought that the end must be in sight for new books on the HP 3000. Published just in time for HP World was a new book HP 3000 Evolution. Edited by Bob Green from Robelle, this book is crammed full of new material from many of the leading authorities on the HP 3000, and links to many sources of information. The book has sections on Tuning your HP 3000, Planning a Homesteading Strategy, and a wealth of information on Migration Planning and Techniques.


The November Newsletter is Out

On a regular basis throughout the month, Robelle publishes news and tips for customers on our home page. The news items that fall off the home page after 3 days can be found here. Plus, whenever there is enough news, we gather it into a "What's Up DOCumenation" newsletter and notify you about it.

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History of the HP 3000 "Spectrum"

When we wrote our book "HP 3000 Evolution" in 2003, we included Chris Edler's history of the Classic 3000. After the initial development, the HP 3000 grew and prospered. From 1974 to 1984, HP continued to produce more powerful 3000 hardware running more capable software. Each new model was compatible with the previous version and a joy to install.

But the pressure was on to switch to a 32-bit architecture, as other manufacturers were doing. So in 1984 HP announced a radical change: a new 32-bit hardware for the 3000. The project was code-named Spectrum.


Qedit for Windows Trace

When Qedit for Windows has problems, it really helps us analyze them if we have a trace of what happened. This web page show how to enable tracing in Qedit for Windows and what to do with the trace files.


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HP 3000 Book

HP 3000 Evolution:

Edited by Bob Green of Robelle, from articles written by Robelle, by The 3000 Newswire, and by other experts in the HP 3000 field.

This 300-page book contains the latest information on three important topics:
HP 3000 Tune Up
Migrating a 3000 application.

An essential reference for every desk! Order your copy on-line for US$25.