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More on IMAGE Logging

Last month we talked about the basics of enabling and using transaction logging with TurboIMAGE. That discussion was mainly in the context of providing an audit trail for database changes. This month we examine logging from data protection point of view, examining the issue of "broken chains" and logical data consistency.

Click the link above for the full article.


Canadian Holiday Closure

Robelle's Sales and Admin office will be closed Monday May 23rd due to the Canadian Holiday. (Victoria Day) Technical Support will be available and can help handle any emergent licensing issues.



Catchlog is a utility program from the Jazz web site that reports from TurboIMAGE log files. From this 3000-L posting.


HP 3000 Community Booth at HP World

Once again this year, Tammy Roscoe and Fran Glasgow of Robelle are coordinating an HP 3000 Community booth at the HP World in San Francisco, Aug 14-18. The expo booth is the braintsorm of Alan Yeo and provides a place for 3000 users to rest their feet, chat with other 3000 sites, use the Internet with their laptops, and share information on 3000 topics at the conference.

There are sponsors such as Interex, Robelle and ScreenJet to cover the cost of this oasis of quiet and sanity. If you would like to be a sponsor (at a cost of about $200-$300), contact Tammy at Robelle -


Ron Ranieri and Ecometry Consulting

"Ron Ranieri is pleased to announce his relocation to Asheville, NC and the formation of RJR Consulting Group. Ron was the Founder of Ransoft Corp, an Ecometry Alliance Member since 1994. The Ransoft team proposed, designed, and implemented hundreds of successful solutions for a majority of Ecometry Users."

Click the link above for RJR Consulting's entry on our Consultants Corner page.

Ron writes that "It seems that a majority of the larger Ecometry clients have pushed back the migration to open-systems. ... Ecometry has announced that they will continue to support customers on MPE through 2008, that changed from the original 2006 deadline."


Working with Files Containing Unprintable Characters

We were working on a file that was originally produced by a PC program (PPTIA, the PowerPoint Internet Assistant from Microsoft). We had transferred the file our HP-UX system, and needed to edit it (clean it up) before putting it up on our World Wide Web server. The file was not editable in Visual mode because many lines contained unprintable (non-printing ASCII) characters. These were shown as dots/periods on the Visual mode screen, and Qedit showed a question mark at the start of each line to indicate that there were questionable contents.

Question 1: What were these characters?

Question 2: How could we get rid of them?

For answers to those 2 questions, and more, click the link above.


May Robelle Newsletter

We have published our newsletter for May, including stories on a new CEO at HP, Secure FTP, Shell Scripts on MPE for Unix users, an archive of the contributed library, IMAGE logging and much more. This newsletter will also be mailed to customers on support.


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