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Robelle/Speedware Web Seminar on SUPRAMXW

We invite you to a web seminar Wednesday, Sept 21st at 2 pm Eastern time, which will show you why SUPRAMXW and AMXW can be your best allies for an HP e3000 transition to HP-UX. To register, please e-mail sales@robelle.com with your contact information and we will contact you with the webinar details.


HP Technology Forum Rescheduled

October 1720 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Click link above for more details.


New Product : SUPRAMXW

We don't do press releases very often. But our new product SUPRAMXW is pretty exciting: "We at Robelle have enjoyed working with Speedware to integrate our SUPRTOOL for HP-UX with their robust migration product call AMXW. The goal of AMXW is to reproduce the basic HP 3000 application environment (languages, file system, database, Vplus, and commands), so that you, as the user, do not need to rewrite your programs."

Click the link above for our press release. And if SUPRAMXW sounds interesting, read the datasheet too: "The strength of SUPRAMXW is that much of the SUPRTOOL code or intrinsics found in application environments can remain untouched and continue to rely on MPE concepts and access MPE files on Unix/Windows. Less code to change translates into less risk, quicker start-up time, increased productivity and significant cost savings!"

Update: our press release made it into the 3000 Newswire blog!


Robelle Newsletter for September

Our latest newsletter is packed with stories, including the announcement of a new product - SUPRAMXW.


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HP 3000 Book

HP 3000 Evolution:

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