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-Surrey, BC, Canada; Sep 12, 2005

Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. Continues to Forge a Clear Migration Path with SUPRAMXW - SUPRTOOL with AMXW for HP-UX

SUPRAMXW is not just an amalgam of super-acronyms-it's the latest migration technology available for SUPRTOOL customers. Developed between Speedware and Robelle, SUPRAMXW is a solution that resolves migration obstacles for HP e3000 companies that have SUPRTOOL.

SUPRAMXW is a combination of the power of SUPRTOOL's data extraction and manipulation components with AMXW's ability to emulate MPE databases, files and commands. The strength of SUPRAMXW is evident during the migration of HP e3000 applications since the SUPRTOOL code maintains the same functionality in the new environment. Therefore, SUPRTOOL users can continue to rely on MPE concepts and access MPE files on HP-UX. In addition, Speedware's AMXW allows a seamless migration of 3GL applications (including the popular COBOL), JCL and command files so that most of the MPE code remains the same. Less code to change translates into less risk, quicker start-up time, increased productivity and significant cost savings!

According to Robelle President, Bob Green:

"We at Robelle have enjoyed working with Speedware to integrate our SUPRTOOL for HP-UX with their robust migration product call AMXW. The goal of AMXW is to reproduce the basic HP 3000 application environment (languages, file system, database, Vplus, and commands), so that you, as the user, do not need to rewrite your programs."

Green further adds:

"Since SUPRTOOL already runs on HP-UX, why would want to interface it to a library like AMXW? The answer is simple: to take advantage of the MPE-emulation, of course. For example, UNIX does not have the concept of a record length for files (all files are just a string of bytes). MPE does have this concept and AMXW adds it, and many other MPE-isms to UNIX."

Speedware Product Marketing Manager, Nick Fortin explains:

"The goal for Robelle and Speedware was to create a solution, namely SUPRAMXW, so that the migration challenge for SUPRTOOL customers to their new environment would be effortless. SUPRAMXW has allowed us to offer clients a smooth and quick transition."

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