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HP 3000 Consultant: John Testa

We have added a new consultant to our directory of consultants who know the HP 3000, Suprtool and Qedit: John Testa in Chicago. Click the link above for full contact details. John writes: "I have 19 years of solid HP3000 experience including Suprtool, Qedit, Cognos PowerHouse, VPlus, DBGeneral, Adager, COBOL, Maestro and other scheduling systems, among others. Additionally, I have extensive experience with perl and PHP and have used such technologies to build, for example, a full-fledged job scheduler, a web-based event monitoring system, and a friendly end-user interface to the RCS (revision control system). Don't hesitate to contact me for any of your HP3000 needs, including assistance with conversion to other systems."


Qedit 5.5.11 and Qedit 5.6 Patch!

We have found an issue in Qedit 5.6, which has been around as a side effect to a fix we made in Qedit 5.5.10. The issue exists in Qedit 5.5.11 and Qedit 5.6, and involes texting in files with record sizes greater than 510 bytes with data that spans the entire record.

The routine that would calculate the number of records per block was slightly flawed and we have developed a quick patch that you can apply to your version of Qedit. You only need to apply this patch if you downloaded the MPE version before January 5, 2006 at 5pm EST.


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