Qedit Patch for Qedit 5.5.11 and Qedit 5.6

Qedit 5.5.11 and Qedit 5.6 need to be patched in order to avoid an error certain when texting in files that have a record size greater than 510 bytes and with data out to the end of the record.

This is only in Qedit 5.5.11 and Qedit 5.6 downloaded prior to January 5, 2006 5pm EST.

Qedit may give the warning:

File has grown too large for workfile during Text command; truncated.

You can work around the problem by doing a set work size command that will force a larger scratch file to be built as in:

/set work size 20000
/t jfbigrec.qedtest
'Language' is now DATA
9996 lines in file

However, a more permanent and better solution would be to apply a simple patch which is as follows. The lines with an "*" denote what is returned by sompatch:

:hello mgr.robelle,pub
:copy qedit,qeditbck
:run sompatch.pub.sys

sp> op qedit
sp> modify ext_openfile$2$calc_lines_per_+54
ext_openfile$2$calc_lines_per_ + 54  340807d0  *
340807d0|340803fc                              *
sp> exit
Total number of patches being applied 1        *

If you receive the message below from sompatch, then it means that someone is running Qedit, it is necessary to insure that no one is running in order to patch Qedit. We also advise making a backup copy as well.

run sompatch.pub.sys

sp> op qedit
Have opened file for readonly access