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New Qedit 4.6

New: Qedit for Windows!

Vancouver B.C. - Dec. 2, 1997 - Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. announces the immediate availability of the latest version of the Qedit family of products: Qedit for Windows, Qedit for HP-UX, and Qedit for HP 3000.

New Product: Qedit for Windows

Qedit for Windows is the newest member in the Robelle family of Qedit products. As a true client/server text editor for Microsoft Windows, Qedit for Windows lets you edit files on your HP 3000, HP 9000, PC network, and local PC, all from a familiar Windows interface. And with Robelle's "intelligent caching" technology, there is no time-consuming uploading and downloading of files, so you can use your network resources more efficiently.

International French Version Available

"Parlez-vous Français?" Qedit for Windows is also available in French. With this international version, all of the messages and menus displayed by the Qedit for Windows program have been professionally translated into French.

Easy Upgrade Path for Qedit Users

Current customers of Qedit on MPE/iX and HP-UX will find the flexible upgrade to Qedit for Windows easy on the budget. And for your batch and script editing requirements, you still get to keep your classic host-based Qedit functionality, including new enhancements.

Continued Support for host-based products

Robelle continues full support for the HP-UX and MPE versions of Qedit. In addition to compatibility with year 2000, MPE/iX 5.5 and HP-UX 10.0, the latest versions of Qedit include new features such as more flexible undo/redo, and file modification time-stamp checking.

Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard minicomputers and workstations. Robelle products include the Qedit editor for HP 3000, HP-UX, and Microsoft Windows, and the Suprtool database handyman for HP 3000 and HP-UX. For a free evaluation copy, or for more information on any of these products, please contact Robelle Sales toll-free at 1-888-ROBELLE (888-762-3553) or by e-mail at

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