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New Version of Suprtool for HP 3000 is Released

Features New Data Export Tool and Jumbo Dataset Access

VANCOUVER -- March 4, 1996 -- Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. has announced the release of version 3.8 of the popular Suprtool data access utility for the HP 3000. This new release of the high-speed "database handyman" includes support for MPE/iX 5.0 POSIX long filenames, and IMAGE/SQL Jumbo datasets larger than 4 Gigabytes. A new module, STExport, allows users to prepare data for export from their HP 3000 to virtually any other application or operating platform, without having to write a custom program.

With STExport, users are now able to prepare data in formats that can be imported into applications such as spreadsheets, MS Access, and Oracle on such platforms as PCs and UNIX. Numeric data conversion gives users the flexibility to specify the target data-type (e.g., packed to real, binary to display) for programs that do not understand the data in its native format. EBCDIC/ASCII data conversion aids migration of data to IBM mainframes. New data values can be created from existing data using the new arithmetic functions. Furthermore, STExport offers users numerous formatting options. For example, users can format dates the way they like, can specify their choice of field delimiter characters, if any, and can remove trailing blanks from alpha strings.

Suprtool 3.8 is being shipped to all users who have an active support contract. There is no extra charge for the new features or for the Jumbo dataset compatibility. Robelle charges the same price for all models of HP 3000 from the smallest Classic to the largest HP-PA processor. This one-price-fits-all policy means there are no upgrade fees between models.

Throughout the world, thousands of MPE users have come to depend on Suprtool's reliability, speed, and flexibility for fast access to data in IMAGE/SQL databases, KSAM files, and regular disc files.

Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard operating systems. Robelle products include the full-screen editor Qedit, for MPE and HP-UX, and Suprtool for MPE and HP-UX. For more information, please contact Robelle at 1-800-561-8311 or by e-mail at

Suprtool and Qedit are trademarks of Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. MPE is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company.

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