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Announcing Suprtool for HP-UX

Surrey, B.C. -- June 23, 1995 -- Robelle today announced that Suprtool, the fast data handyman from Robelle Solutions Technology Inc., is available on HP-UX. Suprtool/UX reads and writes fixed-length data files, selects records based on flexible criteria, and sorts them quickly using Robelle's fastsort technology. For example, PowerHouse users can select and sort report data faster with Suprtool/UX than with QTP.

Available on Hewlett-Packard's proprietary MPE platform for over 10 years, Suprtool has thousands of MPE users worldwide who have come to depend on Suprtool's reliability, speed, and flexibility. As a leading software developer in the MPE world, Robelle now brings Suprtool's indispensable data extraction capability to HP-UX. Suprtool/UX will provide performance benefits to established HP-UX sites as well as to those converting from MPE to HP-UX.

In creating Suprtool for HP-UX, Robelle concentrated on its main development goals of reliability, compatibility, performance, and features, all of which are evident in this first release of Suprtool/UX.

For more information or a free trial copy, contact Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.

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