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Robelle Launches Suprtool for HP-UX

Surrey, B.C., Canada -- October 18, 1995 -- Robelle announced that Suprtool for HP-UX, the fast data handyman, is now shipping. Suprtool/UX reads and writes fixed-length data files, selects records based on flexible criteria, and sorts them quickly using Robelle's fastsort technology.

Suprtool, which has been available for over ten years on Hewlett-Packard's MPE platform, has gained thousands of MPE users worldwide who have come to depend on Suprtool's data extraction capabilities. Now Robelle's users--whether working at established sites, or migrating from MPE to HP-UX--can experience the performance benefits of Suprtool/UX.

Users can also look forward in the near future to exciting enhancements to Suprtool/UX, according to Robelle spokesperson Trevi Spronk. And, as with all Robelle products, many of these enhancements will be generated by user requests. "We will be listening to find out what features our users need," says Ms. Spronk.

For answers to their questions, users of Suprtool/UX can turn to the accompanying on-line Help, or they can take advantage of the Microsoft Windows WinHelp files included with their copy.

Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard minicomputers and workstations. Robelle products include the full-screen editor Qedit, and Qedit/UX, as well as the database handyman Suprtool, and Suprtool/UX.

Suprtool and Qedit are trademarks of Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.

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