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Suprtool for HP-UX is Year 2000 Compliant

Also offers HTML formatting and Allbase access.

Vancouver, B.C. -- March 01, 1997 -- Robelle Consulting Ltd. today announced the release of version 4.0 of Suprtool, the data access utility for HP-UX. This newest version offers what every DP shop needs to keep ahead in 1997: easy and reliable Year 2000 date-conversion capabilities, new commands to get data out of databases and onto the Web, and access to Allbase SQL databases.

Because Suprtool could already convert several date formats, the focus of version 4.0 was six-digit dates wherein the year is stored as two digits. Suprtool helps by allowing the user to identify incorrect dates, such as numeric flags, with the new $INVALID function of the If command. The user can then update the dates through an Extract statement. In addition, the Item command supports four new date formats to provide more data-packaging options.

The new HTML command makes it easy to get data onto the Web. Suprtool retrieves the data, then formats it into a file with the needed HTML commands. Options allow the choice of HTML Table or HTML Preformatted data.

As well, Suprtool now offers access to Allbase SQL databases. New enhancements support Native Char and Native VarChar data-types, and the new Form command shows owner names for Allbase tables.

Suprtool/UX 4.0 is being shipped to all users who have an active support contract. The optional Allbase and Oracle database access modules are available upon request. Robelle charges the same Suprtool price for all models of HP-UX; this one-price-fits-all policy means customers do not have to pay upgrade fees between models.

Now in its twentieth year, Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard minicomputers and workstations. Robelle products include the Qedit editor for MPE and HP-UX, and Suprtool for MPE and HP-UX. For a free evaluation copy, or for more information, please contact Robelle at 1-888-ROBELLE or by e-mail at

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