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Robelle Makes a T1 Connection to the Internet

Surrey, B.C., Canada -- September 20, 1995 -- Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. has a faster connection to the Internet. Robelle announced today that its new T1 connection will bring immediate benefits to users who access its World Wide Web site ( All users--even users with non-graphical browsers--can now access even more Robelle Web site files than before, and virtually all users will notice an improvement in speed when they connect to the site.

This fast, new connection has allowed Robelle to put many enriching files on its World Wide Web FTP service. These files include the training slides for Suprtool, Robelle's database utility, the slides from the Interex tutorial sessions, and Robelle product manuals in Windows Help format. These very large files were not made available before because the old connection to the Internet was too slow. The new T1 connection transfers data at 1.5 million bits per second, over 150 times faster than the previous connection.

Although Robelle has upgraded to a fast Internet connection, users who have modem access to the Internet will not be left behind. "Our Web pages will continue to be user-friendly to dial-up users and to users with non-graphical browsers. The pages will also remain non-browser specific," said Dave Lo, assistant webmaster at Robelle. "We want everyone to see the exciting things that we will be adding to our Web site. We have new material almost weekly, so visit often."

Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard minicomputers and workstations. Robelle products include the Qedit editor, Qedit-UX, the Suprtool database handyman, and the new Suprtool-UX.

Suprtool and Qedit are trademarks of Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.

Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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