Robelle Products for HP-UX

For Series 700 and 800 computers, Robelle offers these fine products.

Qedit for HP-UX

Qedit horse If you are migrating from MPE to HP-UX, Qedit is an excellent comfort-base for your editing tasks. Qedit is a full-screen editor that aims to provide everything a programmer could need to write COBOL, PowerHouse, or other programs, and to prepare documentation. That's why Qedit has Line mode for batch editing and full-screen modes for interactive full-screen text editing.

Qedit's full-screen mode is a powerful but friendly full-screen editor designed specifically for programmers. Visual mode's cut-and-paste functions allow you to move, copy, mark and delete blocks of text. To use full-screen mode, you must have a VT, HP 700/9x, or HP 239x terminal or terminal emulator, or an X-terminal running hpterm.

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Suprtool for HP-UX

Suprtool cat Suprtool reads and writes fixed-length data files, selects records based on flexible criteria, and sorts them quickly using Robelle's fastsort algorithm. Suprtool can also link data from several files based on a common sort key.

With Suprtool, you can also enjoy the benefits of self-describing files on HP-UX. By using just a few commands, you can keep information about fields in your data files.

Suprtool provides performance benefits to established HP-UX sites as well as those converting from MPE to HP-UX.

Tips and technical information

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