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SmartDate Installation

Installing SmartDate on your HP 3000

There are a few simple steps to installing SmartDate on your HP 3000. We assume that you have filled out our order form and saved the resulting file on the same computer that your Web browser runs on.

You must now complete the following steps:

  • Create the Robelle account. If you already have a Robelle account, please skip to the next step.

    hello manager.sys
    newacct robelle,mgr

  • Log on as mgr.robelle:

    hello mgr.robelle

  • Upload the SmartDate distribution. You can use FTP or any other file transfer method to transfer the distribution from your local computer to your HP 3000. When doing the transfer, be sure to specify binary as the transfer method (most FTP clients assume ascii transfer by default so you will have to take extra steps to change this to binary).
  • You will need the LZW utility to unpack SmartDate. If you do not have a copy of this tool, you can get one here.
  • Unpack the distribution. Assuming that you uploaded the distribution file as:

    you would do:

    lzw "-f -r @.@.robelle -c"

    The LZW program will likely issue a warning that the datelzw file is not the correct format and that a temporary copy is being made. You can safely ignore this warning. The LZW program should continue to restore all of the files from the SmartDate distribution into your Robelle account.

  • Next, you need to update the Robelle account capabilities and security:

    stream robelle.job

Authorizing SmartDate

A Robelle sales person will be contacting you to authorize your copy of SmartDate. Once you have received the necessary authorization codes for SmartDate, you will have to follow a few more steps. These steps are described in our Applying SmartDate Authorization Codes document.