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Listing Filenames and Attributes in MPE

MPE uses both the :Listf and :Listfile commands to display filenames and attributes. :Listf is the original command and :Listfile was added for POSIX (HP-UX uses the ls command).

:listf mpe-fileset [, option-number ]
:listfile fileset [, option-number or option-name ]

:Listf can show only files in the MPE name space. If you do :build ./file-name, :Listf cannot find it. You must use :Listfile and you must precede the name with ./ or the /-absolute path. :Listfile can show everything in the HFS (Hierarchical File System), but the default fileset is @, which shows only the MPE names in your CWD (Current Working Directory). To see all files use ./@, but not ./* as in UNIX -- simple, eh?

Text version.

:listfile ./{shows all files in the CWD}
:listfile ./a@{all files starting with lower-case "a"}
:listfile a@{all MPE files starting with "A"}
:listfile ./A@{all files starting with upper-case "A"}
:listfile ./[aA]@{files starting with either}
:listfile /SYS/HPBIN/{all files since it ends with slash}

Here are the values for option-name (:Listfile only) and (option-number) (:Listf or :Listfile), and what is displayed for each:

Text version.

(-1) label =raw dump of the file label, including lockword and creator
(-2) acd =Access Control Definitions (ACD)
(-3) detail;pass =formatted file attributes, including lockword and creator
(-5) data;pass =same as -3, plus KSAM or spool data, including lockword/creator
(1) summary =basic attributes: name, code, recsize, format, EOF, and limit
(2) disc =same as 1, plus blocking factor, sectors, and extents
(3) detail =formatted file attributes (use -3 for lockword and creator)
(4) security =security matrix and what access logon user has to file
(5) data =same as 3, plus any KSAM or spool information
(6) qualify =just the fully-qualified filename (e.g., Friday.Pub.Sys)
(7) unique =just the KSAM or spool information, if any

Here are a few examples of using options:

    :listf abc@,6
    :listfile abc@,qualify
    :listf tempa@,-2     {or do :listfile ,acd}
    TEMPA               NO ACDS
    TEMPABC             $OWNER              : R,W,RACD
                        @.SYS               : R,X,RACD

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