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Roman-8 European Characters (HP)

For many years HP has been using a character set called Roman-8 on LaserJets and HP terminals. This character set allows you to display Capital A with Grave Accent (À) and other European characters. However, we cannot show you the table of characters and code values here because this is a WWW document. The HTML 2.0 standard that is in use for Web pages specifies the ISO Latin-1 Character Set (8859-1). Unfortunately the ISO Latin-1 character set does not contain the same symbols as the Roman-8 character set.

One of the Roman-8 characters that causes a lot of trouble is the Square Box (decimal 252, hex FC). When you print a document containing this character through Reflection to your attached LaserJet, it is changed into another character. The reason is that Reflection translates most characters into the PC's internal character set, which does not include this graphic (glyph). To solve this problem, use "Disable Printer Translation" in the Printer Setup of Reflection.

To check the Roman-8 character set, look at the back of any HP LaserJet or Attachmate Reflection manual.

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