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Smileys for Your E-Mail

Smileys are tiny pictures made from ordinary ASCII characters that are meant to be looked at with the head tilted to the left. Smileys came about when e-mail correspondents felt the need to convey emotional content such as sarcasm, laughter and other feelings as part of their messages. Without smileys, simple statements could easily be misinterpreted:

     You're an idiot!  :-)

The most common emoticon is the classic smiley, from which the genre derives its name.

Text version.

:-Oshouting;-)say no more; nudge, nudge

Smileys have developed into a minor art form, to the point where they now appear on lapel buttons, and have an entire book devoted to them.

Text version.

:-)humor>--->---a rose
:-) (-:masking theatrical comments||*(handshake offered
:-Tkeeping a straight face (tight-lipped)||*)handshake accepted
:-Dsaid with a smile:-Xkiss kiss
:->alternate happy faceo=a burning candle to start a flame
:-) :-) :-)loud guffaw~=flaming message
:*)clowning around-=a doused candle to end a flame
:-?licking lips|-<>kissy face
%-}silly sarcasm[]hug
:/)not funny(-_-)secret smile
:-"pursing lips`-)wink
:-rbleahhh (sticking tongue out);-)say no more; nudge, nudge
:-fsmirks:-*oops! (covering mouth with hand)
:-1":-8talking out of both sides of your mouth
:-|disgusted:-X not saying a word
:-Jtongue-in-cheek commentsDespondency
:-!foot in mouth(:-...heart-breaking message
:-$put your money where your mouth is:-o"oh, noooooo! (á la Mr. Bill)
:-Dtalks too much#:-osame as previous
:-Ichewing on bone...---...S.O.S.
:-(unhappy|-(late night messages
(:^(broken nose(:-$ill
%-)broken glasses(:-(sad
:-btongue stuck out%-hung over
:-pleft-handed tongue stuck out:~/all mixed up
Astonishment#-)another all-night party
()you're kidding:-`|with a cold
<:-oeeek!%+{loser in a fight
:-(unbelieving (jaw droppsed)
:-(*)about to vomit

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