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SMUG II micro-proceedings

By Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.
San Antonio, March 1, 1982
Welcome Message by Bob Green

Welcome to the Second International Meeting of the Users of Robelle Software: the Seldom Met Users Group. The first meeting was held in 1978 during the HPIUG Denver Conference. Attendance was limited, both because Robelle had only 20 customers and because Wendell Henry was giving his famous lecture on Memory Management at the same time. I hope that this second meeting is scheduled more conveniently.

The "theme" of our conference tonight is:

Bring 'em back alive!

and the papers published here have the non-stop, hard-hitting action of a Raiders of the Lost Program: rescuing doomed projects from the jungle of failure, discovering hidden magic in the HP systems software, deciphering the HP mysteries of the ages, and dominating the digital gods with pagan rituals. We don't actually have any speakers tonight - at this meeting, the proceedings contain every paper. The entire evening is free for the important part of any users group meeting: talking to other users.

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