Robelle Products for MPE

For the HP 3000 (both MPE V and MPE/iX), Robelle offers these fine products.


Qedit horse Qedit is a full-screen editor that aims to provide everything a programmer needs to write COBOL, PowerHouse, or other programs, and to prepare documentation. That's why Qedit has Line mode for batch editing and Visual mode for full-screen text editing.

Qedit's Visual mode is a powerful but friendly full-screen editor designed specifically for programmers. You can fully access the editing capabilities of your terminal in block mode, with low system overhead. Visual mode's cut-and-paste functions allow you to move, copy, mark and delete blocks of text. To use Visual mode, you must have an HP terminal or emulator.

If you only have one or two programmers who will be using Qedit, we also have a 2-user version of Qedit.

Qedit is also available for HP-UX.
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Suprtool cat Suprtool is powerful data extractor and sorter that works on your HP 3000 database. Its primary function is to extract data quickly from IMAGE datasets, flat files, KSAM files, and tape files. The bigger the dataset and the smaller the subset of data selected, the greater the reduction in processing time.

Suprtool is also a general tool which allows you to copy, select and sort data. It can read and write to almost any kind of file on the HP 3000. A simple five or ten line Suprtool task in a job stream can often replace hundreds of lines of boring, repetitive and error prone Cobol code.

Suprtool is really five tools in one: Suprtool, the fast extraction and sort utility; Suprlink, the multi-dataset merge program; Dbedit, an interactive database editor that also updates key values; Speed Demon, a set of intrinsics that enable your programs to read IMAGE data five times faster; and Suprtool2, a callable subroutine that provides access to Suprtool and Suprlink from user-written programs.

Suprtool is also available for HP-UX.
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With Xpress, you can communicate efficiently from day one. Xpress prompts you at every step with a short list of basic choices. You never have to remember what command you need next--Xpress has no commands at all.

Xpress not only speeds up communications between employees, it also allows batch jobs to send messages to people. You can program jobs to send messages to programmers or operations staff whenever certain events occur. You can also create a weekly batch job that sends database capacity reports to the MIS manager.

Xpress is available only for Hewlett-Packard Series 900 computers.

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