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ASCII Characters for MPE Users

The ASCII character set defines 128 characters (0 to 127 decimal, 0 to 7F hexadecimal, and 0 to 177 octal). This character set is a subset of many other character sets with 256 characters, including the ANSI character set of MS Windows, the Roman-8 character set of HP systems, and the IBM PC Extended Character Set of DOS, and the ISO Latin-1 character set used by Web browsers. They are not the same as the EBCDIC character set used on IBM mainframes.

The Control Characters

The first 32 values are non-printing control characters, such as Return and Line feed. You generate these characters on the keyboard by holding down the Control key while you strike another key. For example, Bell is value 7, Control plus G, often shown in documents as ^G. Notice that 7 is 64 less than the value of G (71); the Control key subtracts 64 from the value of the keys that it modifies.

For the text version of the following tables, click Control Characters and Printing Characters.

Control Characters

CharOctDecHexControl-KeyControl Action
NUL000^@Null character
SOH111^AStart of heading, = console interrupt
STX222^BStart of text, maintenance mode on HP console
ETX333^CEnd of text
EOT444^DEnd of transmission, not the same as ETB
ENQ555^EEnquiry, goes with ACK; old HP flow control
ACK666^FAcknowledge, clears ENQ logon hand
BEL777^GBell, rings the bell...
BS1088^HBackspace, works on HP terminals/computers
HT1199^IHorizontal tab, move to next tab stop
LF1210a^JLine Feed
VT1311b^KVertical tab
FF1412c^LForm Feed, page eject
CR1513d^MCarriage Return
SO1614e^NShift Out, alternate character set
SI1715f^OShift In, resume defaultn character set
DLE201610^PData link escape
DC1211711^QXON, with XOFF to pause listings; ":okay to send".
DC2221812^RDevice control 2, block-mode flow control
DC3231913^SXOFF, with XON is TERM=18 flow control
DC4242014^TDevice control 4
NAK252115^UNegative acknowledge
SYN262216^VSynchronous idle
ETB272317^WEnd transmission block, not the same as EOT
CAN302417^XCancel line, MPE echoes !!!
EM312519^YEnd of medium, Control-Y interrupt
ESC33271b^[Escape, next character is not echoed
FS34281c^\File separator
GS35291d^]Group separator
RS36301e^^Record separator, block-mode terminator
US37311f^_Unit separator

Printing Characters

!413321Exclamation mark
"423422Quotation mark (" in HTML)
#433523Cross hatch (number sign)
$443624Dollar sign
%453725Percent sign
`473927Closing single quote (apostrophe)
(504028Opening parentheses
)514129Closing parentheses
*52422aAsterisk (star, multiply)
-55452dHyphen, dash, minus
/57472fSlant (forward slash, divide)
<74603cLess than sign (&lt; in HTML)
=75613dEquals sign
>76623eGreater than sign (&gt; in HTML)
?77633fQuestion mark
A1016541Uppercase A
B1026642Uppercase B
C1036743Uppercase C
D1046844Uppercase D
E1056945Uppercase E
F1067046Uppercase F
G1077147Uppercase G
H1107248Uppercase H
I1117349Uppercase I
J112744aUppercase J
K113754bUppercase K
L114764cUppercase L
M115774dUppercase M
N116784eUppercase N
O117794fUppercase O
P1208050Uppercase P
Q1218151Uppercase Q
R1228252Uppercase R
S1238353Uppercase S
T1248454Uppercase T
U1258555Uppercase U
V1268656Uppercase V
W1278757Uppercase W
X1308858Uppercase X
Y1318959Uppercase Y
Z132905aUppercase Z
[133915bOpening square bracket
\134925cReverse slant (Backslash)
]135935dClosing square bracket
^136945eCaret (Circumflex)
`1409660Opening single quote
a1419761Lowercase a
b1429862Lowercase b
c1439963Lowercase c
d14410064Lowercase d
e14510165Lowercase e
f14610266Lowercase f
g14710367Lowercase g
h15010468Lowercase h
i15110569Lowercase i
j1521066aLowercase j
k1531076bLowercase k
l1541086cLowercase l
m1551096dLowercase m
n1561106eLowercase n
o1571116fLowercase o
p16011270Lowercase p
q16111371Lowercase q
r16211472Lowercase r
s16311573Lowercase s
t16411674Lowercase t
u16511775Lowercase u
v16611876Lowercase v
w16711977Lowercase w
x17012078Lowercase x
y17112179Lowercase y
z1721227aLowercase z
{1731237bOpening curly brace
|1741247cVertical line
}1751257dCloing curly brace
~1761267eTilde (approximate)
DEL1771277fDelete (rubout), cross-hatch box

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