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Frequently Asked SMUG Book Questions

SMUG Book questions

Where is the SMUG Book?

The SMUG book is at

Why is it called SMUG Book?

It stands for the Seldom Met Users Group, but look in the book for the complete history.

Where can I get the Winhelp version?

The main SMUG Book page has a link to download the Winhelp version. Or you can FTP it from

How do I install the Winhelp version on my PC?

Download the exe file to your Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 PC, and run it. It will allow you to put the file in any directory and any Program Manager group.

Some of the links in the Winhelp version say "URL Not Available".

The links that are underlined with dotted lines are supposed to start up your Web Browser and go to that link. This feature will be available in an upcoming release of the Winhelp file. For now, treat the message as a reminder of a URL that you can look up yourself.

Whose idea was the SMUG Book?

Neil Armstrong got us interested in resurrecting the SMUG Book printed copy. This was too much work, so we decided to publish it on the Web instead. Neil Armstrong and Bob Green did virtually all the writing. Bob Green turned it into HTML documents, and put together the Winhelp version.

Will there be a printed version?

There will be a printed version of the latest SMUG Book given away at the HP World '96 conference in Anaheim. We also plan on sending a copy to all customers who are currently on support with Robelle or one our International Distributors, around August/96.

What tools were used to create the SMUG Book?

Much of the HTML writing was done on a PC using HTML Writer, which is available for free. The Winhelp file was created using HTMHelp and other utilities from HyperAct, Inc. The Install program for the WinHelp is Setup Pro from Eschalon Development Inc.

I have material that would be perfect for the SMUG Book. Where do I send it?

Send all comments, submissions, ideas, compliments, etc. to Bob Green.