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Client/Server, the Internet, and WWW

By David J. Greer

Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.

Copyright Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. 1995-1996


The World Wide Web (WWW) is a collection of servers distributed all over the world that respond to various clients. The WWW allows you to click on links to text, pictures, music, or video located on these servers and then to play the selected files on your local client PC, workstation, or terminal, along with more links to related information. You never need to know where the information is located or to learn any obscure commands to access it.

The on-line version of this paper is available as a linked set of files or as a large single file. Downloading this paper as a single file may take some time, but has the advantage of making it convenient to save or print the entire paper with your Web browser.

To help you understand the World Wide Web, we have organized this paper into these major sections: Copyright 1995-1996 Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.

WWW Introduction

To understand the WWW, it helps if you understand some basic Web concepts. Fundamental to this understanding is the concept of client/server computing on a global scale.

The Language of the Web

Whether you're reading WWW documents or creating your own, it helps if you understand the basic components of the WWW language.

WWW Clients

One powerful feature of the WWW is that the information you publish on your server can be read by many different clients. In this section, we provide a quick introduction to some of the popular WWW clients.

WWW Servers

If you want to make your own information available to WWW clients, you'll want to set up your own server. In this section, we discuss some common WWW server software and give our suggestions for how WWW server information should be designed.

Interesting Places to Visit

The WWW is a big place. Here are a few pointers to some of the things that we have liked or found useful.

Summing it Up

These are our parting thoughts on client/server, WWW, and the Internet.


A short list of books that we have found very useful for learning more about the WWW.

Jump on board for a ride on the Web. We hope that you'll find enough information here to join us with your own WWW information.