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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.6.10

New Features

Context-sensitive Help

All dialogs now have a Help button. If you select it, Qedit displays context-sensitive information i.e. related to the dialog you are looking at. This makes it easier to get the details on the various options and fields offered on that dialog. The Open Host File dialog is used as an example below.

Connection Name for Fast Open

So far, if a document contained a filename, you were able to quickly open it by, first, selecting the name and, then, use the Open Selection command of the File menu. However, this only worked if the file was on the same connection as the current document.

In 4.6.10, you can qualify a filename with a connection name. If you select the whole string and use Open Selection, Qedit is now able to recognize the connection name and automatically switch to it before opening the file. The syntax is:

connection name:filename
where the connection name must be a valid connection already defined in the connection list. The colon is the character separating the connection name from the file name. As before, the file name must follow the appropriate syntax for the target host.

Vancouver UX:/users/clerk/.profile

Tip: For an even easier open, you can use the CTRL+D access key or right-click on the selection to get a shortcut menu.

Open Selection

Unnumbered Files

If the first 5 lines in a file end with 8 digits and these digits make up numbers of increasing value, Qedit thinks these are line numbers and they are not included in the text.

If these are numbers are valid data, you can force Qedit to open the file as unnumbered. With this option, Qedit simply reads the whole lines without checking those rightmost columns. The numbers will show up with the data and then can be edited. The Force unnumbered option is available on the Open Host File dialog.

Open Host File dialog

Problems Fixed