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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.6.09

New Features

Printing a document to a host device has been enhanced considerably. You now have access to the Print on Host dialog where you can
  • specify the destination printer
  • specify how much text you want printed
  • request to see the host line numbers
  • have the output shifted 4 columns over to the right

This feature is only available if you are running the new 4.6.54 server. If you are running an earlier version of the server, the dialog still appears but all the options are disabled and can not be changed.

Print on Host dialog

Print tool submenu Print functions are available from the File menu. The Print command is for local printing. The Page setup command allows you to specify the output format when sending the list to a local printer. The Print on host command displays the new dialog.

These same commands are available from the new Print tool on the toolbar.If you click once on the Print tool, you get the dialog for local printing. If you click and hold the Print tool, you get a submenu with the print commands found on the File menu.

Problems Fixed