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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.6.12

New Features

File Options Dialog

The File Options dialog allows you to change file characteristics like the Language, Record Length, Font, etc. In previous versions, you accessed this dialog using the File Options command of the Edit menu.

In 4.6.12, you now have 2 ways of getting at the dialog. You can use the Options command in the Properties submenu of the File menu. You can use the mnemonics: ALT+F+O+O.

For an even faster access, Properties is also a command available on the shortcut menu provided when you use the right button on your mouse.

Shortcut menu (right-click)

Most Recently Used Files

The filenames displayed in the Recent Files list are now easier to read and easier to access. The list still contains 16 files but, now, each one has a one-character mnemonic i.e. can be combined with the ALT key. The first 9 names are numbered from 1 to 9. The last 7 names are assigned letters, from A to G.

Local filenames are now stored with lowercase characters only to facilitate identification.

Pasting Long Lines

If you were working on multiple files with different line lengths, you might have had problems copying and pasting lines between them. In 4.6.12, Qedit now makes it somewhat easier to perform these operations.

If you are working with 2 files on the same connection, cut-and-paste operations are handled by the server. If you are trying to paste lines longer than what is allowed in the target file, the server folds them. Folding means that the server puts as many characters as possible on a line and moves the rest to a separate line.

If you are working with files residing on different systems and hosts, Qedit puts as many characters as possible on each line and drops the rest. If this happens, Qedit displays a message and lets you know how many lines have been affected.

Problems Fixed