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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.7

New Features

Save All command

If you are working with a lot of files on many different connections and servers, you don't have to go to each document window to save your changes. The Save All allows you to save the changes on all the currently opened files with a single click of a mouse. This new command is available on the File menu or using the Save All tool tool. If you have created new files, Qedit prompts you for a new name on each one. If you are working on existing files, the changes are simply saved. If you don't want to save some of the files, you still have to manually switch from one to the other and perform single Save operations.

Most Recently Used Files

The Recent Files command now lists 20 files. Each one has a one-character mnemonic i.e. can be combined with the ALT key. The first 9 names are numbered from 1 to 9. The last 11 names are assigned letters, from A to K.

Connection Name on Host Save As Dialog

The connection name is now displayed on the Host Save As dialog. This helps you determine exactly where the file is going to be stored.

Problems Fixed