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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.7.02

Important note

Since its introduction, Qedit for Windows has been available in a 16-bit version for Windows 3.xx and a 32-bit version for Windows 95 and NT. Starting with version 4.7.02, Qedit for Windows is only available in the 32-bit version. The 16-bit versions prior to 4.7.02 are still available but there will not be any enhancements after 4.7.01.

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New Features

Qedit Tips

Qedit now comes with a number of useful tips on how to best use its features. By default, Qedit displays a Tip of the day upon startup. You can also browse through available tips using the Tip of the day command of the Help menu.

Tip of the Day dialog

Local File Filters

The Open local file dialog now offers filters to select only files of certain types. The filters are in the Files of type list box. Currently, there are only 3 filters available as shown below:

Filters in local Open dialog

The default filter is All files (*.*). Qedit then displays all files and folders available in the current working directory.

If you only want to see text files, choose the Text files (*.txt) filter. Qedit displays all folders and only files with a .txt extension.

To display only files with a .log extension, choose the Log files (*.log) filters. All folders are still displayed.

Live Scrolling of Host Files

There is a new option in the Preferences dialog called Use live scrolling for server files. This option allows you to control how Qedit performs scrolling on host files.

When enabled, Qedit retrieves lines from the server as you move the scroll box. This works fine if you have a fast network and PC. However, on slower networks, there could be annoying delays where the document window would go blank while Qedit waited for lines transmitted by the server.

If live scrolling is disabled, Qedit retrieves lines only when you stop moving the scroll box. As you move the scroll box, Qedit displays the approximate record number for that location (shown below). The text in the document window does not change during that time. When you see the record number you are interested in, simply release the scroll box and Qedit will request that line from the server. This is a lot easier on network resources.

Record number with Live Scroll disabled

Problems Fixed