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Changes in Qedit for Windows 4.7.06

New Features and Enhancements

Platform Specific File Defaults

You can set file defaults that are specific to each supported platform i.e. UNIX, MPE and local. The Preferences dialog now has a tab page for each platform. On each page, you can set:
  • Record length
  • Language (UNIX and MPE only)
  • Use spaces for tabs
  • Display detabbed column
  • Preserve trailing blanks
You can set the default value for the Auto-indent feature on the Defaults tab, also found on the Preferences dialog box. You can still change the Auto-indent setting on individual files using the File Properties dialog box.
The UNIX file defaults

Current Date and Time on Output

Qedit now includes the PC's current date and time on the banner line when printing to a local printer. Thus, the banner line now has:

Moving to the End of a Document

CTRL+END now moves the insertion point after the last character of the last line in the file. In previous versions, the insertion point appeared in the first column of the last line.

Opening Many Local Files at Once

The number of local files that you can open at once has been increased. The limit is not an absolute number of files. It's rather based on the number of characters that make up all the file names plus the drive letter and the current working directory. All these things added together can not have more than 2,048 characters.

Qedit now displays an error message if you exceed the maximum length it can handle.

Problems Fixed