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Qedit Production Release
Installation Instructions

You may want to print this page, for reference.

FTP upload of binary file to MPE

Once you have downloaded the binary file to your PC, you need to upload it to the HP e3000. Please note that these instructions reference the filename LQPROD, however, we allow for download of older versions. You can simply rename the file LQPROD58, to LQPROD in the ftp upload in order to follow the instructions easily. Start a MS-DOS command window, switch to the directory where you downloaded the binary file, then start FTP:

C:\> cd \download
C:\DOWNLOAD> ftp myhost.example.com
Connected to myhost.example.com.
220 HP ARPA FTP Server [A0011001] (C) Hewlett-Packard Co. 1990
User (myhost.example.com:(none)): myname,manager.sys,pub
230 User logged on
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> put lqprod.bin lqprod;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=store
200 PORT command ok.
150 File: lqprod;rec=128,1,f,binary;code=store opened; data connection will be opened
226 Transfer complete.
9360640 bytes sent in 10.89 seconds (859.88 Kbytes/sec)
ftp> quit

Installing the Software

Now that you have the STORE file on your HP e3000, you need to install it:

  1. Restore the files.
  2. Execute the installation script.

Restore the files

Logon (or stay logged on) as manager.sys,pub to do the restore.

:hello manager.sys,pub
:file t=lqprod;dev=disc
:restore *t;@.@.@;create;show=short
:purge lqprod
:stream robelle.job.robelle

Wait for the job to send you a completion message:

========= Robelle.Pub.Sys  =================
=           Robelle account structure ready.

Execute the Installation Script

Wait to be contacted by Robelle with the authorization codes. Once you get the codes you can finish the installation script:*

:hello mgr.robelle,pub
Please enter the Product Verification Code : n
Please enter the Verification Code         : n
Please enter the Second Verification Code  : n

After a few moments, a batch job will be launched. Wait for the job to send you a completion message:

Install has installed a new version of QEDIT!

You can now run the production release from the Pub group:

:run qedit.pub.robelle

* Note that nobody can be accessing Qedit while the batch job runs. If you like, you can edit the webinst.qeditjob command file to launch the job at a time when nobody will be accessing Qedit. E.g.,
stream webjob.qeditjob;at=02:00


See the change notice for full documentation on the new release.