Form To Code

Paste in the form output of a dataset or SD file to get the code generated that you want.

The minimum required to have the Code be generated you can simply enter the following. The script that is generated will generate code to have the data in the format specified below:

       Entry:                     Offset
          CHAR-FIELD           X5      1
          INT-FIELD            I1      6
          DBL-FIELD            I2      8
          PACKED-FIELD         P12    12
          PACKED*-FIELD        P12    18
          QUAD-FIELD           I4     24
          ID-FIELD             I1     32
          LOGICAL-FIELD        K1     34
          DBLLOG-FIELD         K2     36
          ZONED-FIELD          Z5     40

Form Output

CSV Filename      : 
Output Filename :
CSV File Delimiter:
Script for MPE :

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