Robelle's Restaurant Guide to Toronto

The restaurant information is supplied by Neil's good friend Tim McGhie, who undertook the arduous task of visiting all the listed restaurants and pubs to ensure an accurate description.

Places to eat

Price is for two, including wine, tax, and tip.
Price  Restaurant     Address          Phone     Description
-----  -------------  ---------------  --------  -------------------------
$65    Al Frisco's    133 John St.     595-8201  Brew Pub
$75    Alice Fazooli  294 Adelaide W.  979-1910  Home of the Blue Jays
$75    Christinas     492 Danforth     463-4418  If you like Greek food
$125   MASA           205 Richmond     977-9519  Great Japanese food
$100   Milano         King St. West    599-9909  Too much wine to remember
$75    Peppinello     180 Pearl St.    599-6699  Great rigatoni
$100   Red Tomato     321 King St. W.  971-9155  Trendy

Beer Pubs and Dance Clubs

Pub                Address                  Description
-----------------  -----------------------  ---------------------------
Bamboo             312 Queen St. West       Live reggae (Thai food)
Friar & Firkin     160 John St.             Just like a British Pub
Montana            145 John St.             Singles bar
My Apartment       Peter St.                Wine, beer and dance
Rivoli/Shark Club  334 Queen St. West       Alternative music/pool hall
The Jack Russell   Wellsley East off Yonge  Great pub (good basic food)