Toronto Tips

These tips are from our own Neil Armstrong, who lived in Toronto for many years before joining Robelle.

Traveling to and around Toronto

Don't Arrive During Rush Hour. Like any big city, Toronto has its share of traffic problems especially during rush hour. Arriving at the airport during rush hour will add a significant amount of time to your travel from the airport to the downtown area. Rush hour is from 6:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Where to get a really good burger

Every once in awhile I crave a really good hamburger, and I always think of the Lick's burger chain at various locations around Toronto. The unique aspect of this place is that when you place your order, the cooking staff generally sings a song based on what you have ordered.

Book Stores

Toronto has two of my favourite book stores. The first is Bakka which is found on Queen Street West. (This is a fun street to just walk down and watch some of the interesting people!) This is a used book store that specializes in Science Fiction, I highly recommend it.

If Science Fiction isn't your thing, you could always visit the World's Biggest Bookstore which is two HUGE floors of books and magazines. The store is found just off Yonge St. (the main street running North/South in the downtown core) and is one block North of Dundas. When you visit you will see terminals and PCs behind some counters, which are, interestingly enough connected to an HP3000.