Announcing Eloquence 3000 Inc.

Press Release - Surrey, BC, Canada; October 10, 2002

Robelle President Bob Green announces creation of a new firm, Eloquence 3000 Inc., to sell and support the Eloquence database on HP-UX as a migration target for TurboIMAGE applications. Bob says, "Having converted our Suprtool/UX product to Eloquence, we learned a lot about Eloquence and we were impressed." Eloquence is a product of Marxmeier Software AG and the new firm is an authorized Eloquence reseller, focusing on the HP 3000 migration market.

HP 3000 users can obtain Eloquences trials, quotes, updates, advice and technical support from the Eloquence 3000 web site:

What does Eloquence mean for users? It allows them to maintain the same database and access methods on HP-UX as on MPE. The performance is faster than using IMAGE-wrapper software to make a relational database look like IMAGE, and the cost of ownership is much less. And users have the power of Robelle's Suprtool database tool on both platforms as well. The result is dramatically reduced cost of migration and the elimination of the risk and stress of re-engineering the database design, structure and program access.

Suprtool on MPE is a database utility that extracts, links, sorts, rearranges, exports, reports and updates data from TurboIMAGE databases and MPE files. Suprtool on HP-UX performs the same functions for Eloquence databases. With a few simple commands, you can do amazing things with your data. All without having to write a program. And, you can have the same scripts with the same databases on both MPE and HP-UX, meaning that this part of migrating an application is simple and low risk. For more information on Suprtool/UX, see

Robelle President Bob Green says:

"We have been using the Eloquence database since November 2001 when we started integrating it into our Suprtool product for HP-UX. Our experience has been fantastic. The software is solid, fast, and compatible with TurboIMAGE. The Eloquence R&D team at Marxmeier is responsive and very knowledgeable."

Neil Armstrong, who did the conversion of Suprtool to Eloquence and who will be heading up the technical team at Eloquence 3000, says:

"Eloquence has existed for over 10 years and has been proven in thousands of installations. At this time we are confident of supporting 250-300 users per server and over 10GB databases. As the HP 3000 community gains experience with Eloquence, there is no technical reason that these limits cannot increase to 1000 users and hundreds of gigabytes."


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Contact: Bob Green, 604-582-1700

Eloquence 3000 web site:
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Contact: Neil Armstrong, 264-497-5511

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