What can I do about "Error: Full" ?

This error means that the Qedit workfile has no more room to add more lines. When you text in a file, Qedit looks at the number of records in the file and builds the workfile about 50% larger. For new or empty files, Qedit uses the current setting for size, by default this is 3200 records.

To determine the current setting, type in "VERIFY WORK", Qedit returns something like :

   Set WOrk Jumbo ON Block 8 Labels ON Temp ON Size 3200 Random ON
To change the size, you first should reverse any partial add that caused the Error: Full message
Now if you text in the file again it will have room for 50% more records. If you need to add more than that, then purge the existing workfile, change the size setting then text in the file again:
 /pu *                          {purges current workfile}
 /set work size  80000          {room for 80,000 lines}

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