Qedit 4.7.11 and up fails on MPE/iX 4.0

When running Qedit for MPE versions 4.7.11 and up on MPE/iX 4.0, you may encounter the following error:

  UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL:  _thd_error   (LDRERR 512)
  UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL:  _thread_set-error   (LDRERR 512)
  UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL:  thd_lock_lang_mutex   (LDRERR 512)
  UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL:  _thd_unlock_lang_mutex  (LDRERR 512)

MPE/iX 4.0, no longer supported by HP, does not contain the all the required system components for Qedit to startup properly.

If you cannot upgrade your version of MPE/iX 4.0, you can use the following workaround, which involves uploading and installing an XL on your system.

  1. Download the file mpe4p0xl.wrq and save the file onto your pc.
        e.g.  c:\mpe4p0xl.wrq

  2. From a WRQ Reflection session, logon as MGR.ROBELLE to your HP3000.

  3. From Reflection's "File" Menu select "Transfer"

  4. From this "File Transfer" screen fill in the following:
          Local File Name:   c:\mpe4p0xl.wrq
          Host File Name:    mpe4p0xl.pub.robelle

    Make sure that the 'Transfer Type' is set to 'Labels'.

    Then press the transfer button that looks like [] >> to upload the file from your pc to the HP3000.

  5. In the Reflection session check to see if the file looks like this:
        :listf  mpe4p0xl.pub.robelle,2
        FILENAME  CODE  ------------LOGICAL RECORD-----------  ----SPACE----
                          SIZE  TYP        EOF      LIMIT R/B  SECTORS #X MX
        MPE4P0XL  NMXL    128W  FB         117    4096000   1      512  2 32

  6. Now run linkedit to patch QEDITNM.
        HP Link Editor/iX (HP30315A.06.01) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Co 1986
        LinkEd> altprog qeditnm.pub.robelle;xl="mpe4p0xl.pub.robelle"
        LinkEd> e

  7. Finally run Qeditnm. If it runs without the UNRESOLVED EXTERNALS messages then copy Qeditnm to be your regular version of QEDIT
        :copy  qeditnm.pub.robelle, qedit.pub.robelle

If you do not have Reflection or have difficulty installing this XL file, please contact Robelle at support@robelle.com.